So much to do

Sadly, nap time for K for the past few days has immediately followed a time out. I know she’s cranky because her normally obedient self turns into defiant toddler and off to dreamland she needs to go. I’ve realized if I take her to time out, explain why when mommy says “no” she should listen, […]

Cajun chicken pasta

The Pioneer Woman really wins. I always knew she was awesome but this recipe helped re-solidify her awesome-ness. Note: Exhibit A-     In my effort to drop this last 10 lbs of unwanted grossness my portion sizes have dropped. I’m sad I started this diet lifestyle change in the midst of an awesome week […]


 Who doesn’t love a meal you can carry in your hand that’s packed with meat, veggies, and tons of flavor? No one, that’s who. Enter: Bierocks to satisfy.  The dough took quite awhile to make and while Chris was busy punching a mass of carbs I was burning calories of my own.  Chris didn’t follow […]

A job well done

  For some reason I took it upon myself to spend the past three hours entirely rearranging a few rooms in our house. The front family room has always been K’s play space and since we have stacked formals she was constantly climbing on our new and oh, so, fabulous dining room table. I was […]