Mom’s Night Out and an Easter Bunny Family

This weekend has been busy to say the least. We’ve invested in a ton of family time, though not all of it spent as a group of three. In prep for a busy evening with my girlfriends we ran massive errands in the morning and picked up the last chair for our formal dining room table to finally be able to seat 8 . I noticed earlier in the week that Hobby Lobby was having a huge sale on home decor and Easter stuff so we bought some commercial stuff and will round out the bright, fun decor with some more fitting stuff from a local Christian bookstore soon. We FINALLY got a front door mat (that fittingly reads “Bless all who enter”) and, thankfully, snagged it for half off. Because I’m proud of all the stuff we bought on discount I feel compelled to share. 
Chris picked out my favorite bunny family. Though K told me “no like that mama bunny” she did give it a kiss so I guess that means I’m welcome back in the family. That girl…

K painted the heart canvas at a church art day a few weeks ago and Chris refuses to let me take it down. I suppose Easter is symbolic of the greatest gift of love ever so it’ll do. The eggs in the far left heart shaped bowl are pretty sweet-tastic, too.

I’m slightly embarrassed at how commercially stocked our home is as I type captions for the pictures. I promise we love Jesus more than we love eggs and carrots. We simply didn’t want to purchase Jesus goods for the sake of having them in our home. If we’re gonna spend money we may as well get what we like, right? Right. 

Ideally these vases on our dining table would be larger but in the interest of saving the mighty dollar, what we had on hand will do. K keeps opening the eggs in hope of some happy candy prize. I think this is the definition of insanity (doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result….unless we’re talking about Shaun T’s “Insanity” then we’re talking about doing the same thing over and over and actually getting a rock hard body result.)

Ignore this gaudy rack. I hate this stupid thing. I do like my sweet baskets though so it’ll do.
For months now my playgroup has had a Mom’s Night Out dinner party scheduled. We’ve actively pursued each other in Biblical community and loved on each other’s kids for well over a year now. The blessing this group has been for me, my daughter, and my family in general has been immeasurable. 
We opted for a “create your own pizza” evening and it saddened some husband’s. For their awesomeness in watching the kiddos some wives took home pizza’s for their men so maybe that was an incentive for them to encourage us to meet up more often. Sadly.the bottles of wine didn’t make the picture and only one was finished off-to my dismay. Oh, how times have changed since college…
I spent my morning and afternoon making and rolling out pizza dough. I got smart mid way through and began making varying sizes and thickness of crusts to keep with the “create your own” theme. So thankful I have friends who eat. And like to eat well. And like to eat a lot of good food. I’m creating food snobs out of my precious friends.
My friend K made some of the best stuffed mushrooms I’ve been blessed to eat. Next time, please double triple the batch…or send me the recipe. Thanks in advance.

It’s all fun and games until someone suggests fondue for dessert. Made of mixed chocolates. And marshmallows. And cream. And sweetened condensed milk. I mean COME.ON. I concluded that our meal truly was sinful because gluttony was absolutely rearing its ugly head. I should have documented the look of this platter when we were done but that would be public shaming of my friends and myself and no one wants to ride that train.

I was out of colored jeans and into huge sweatpants by the end of the meal. My logic-it’s my house, I do what I want. In my defense I offered sweats to all the other girls but their class and general tact overrode their bulging stomachs. Sweet gals. You’d never know that a four hour meal and gab fest could fly by in no time flat. It seems when 8 mama’s and two precious infants get together in a home to share embarrassing stories, views on community, and end with prayer requests you’ve got a recipe for success far greater than any pizza night could attempt to match.


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