Weeks 24-28

Weeks of November 3, 10, 17, 24Weight gain– As of week 28-17 lbsSymptoms–Racing heart, pain along left side of ribs/sternum when standing up, spastic Christopher movements that are not to seizures (I actually asked this question at my appointment today…)Sleep-Sleeping well besides some dissatisfaction with my pillows. Perhaps I’ll find some good ones and add […]

Weeks 21, 22, 23

Weeks of October 13. 20, 27Weight gain– As of week 22 I’m up 11 lbsSymptoms–Lots of kicks from little man. Unnecessary pain in my inner thighs when I get up every 20 minutes during the night to pee. Pillows don’t help. Sleeping on my back doesn’t help. Blah! Some knee discomfort if I stand too […]

Weeks 19 and 20

Weeks 19 and 20Weeks of September 89 and October 6Weight gain– As of week 20 I’m up 10 lbs total. Symptoms–Little Christopher movements. Some sharp and unwelcome kicks to the cervixSleep-Eh. I sleep well-ish and would like to get more sleep but in an effort to be a more disciplined individual I’ve committed to waking when […]

Weeks 16, 17, 18

Weeks 16, 17, and 18 Weeks of September 8, 15, and 22Weight gain–Week 16-up 4 more lbs                      Week 28-down 2 lbs                      Total weight gain at end of week 18-4 lbsSymptoms–Sore feet, some painful contractions of […]

Weeks 14 and 15

Weeks of August 25 and September 1Weight gain–Week 12-14: 1 lb Pregnancy total-3 lbsSymptoms–Exhausted. Literally can NOT sleep enough. I’ve been gone more days than home this month;the travel is taking it’s toll on me for sure. I took a three hour nap yesterday and have no problem sleeping 12 hours at night. I wake […]

Week 13

Week of August 18, 2013 Due Date(based off baby’s measurements, not LMP)- February 23, 2014Weight gain-Week 3 to week 8-2 lbs. Week 8 to week 12-0 lbs Total First Trimester-2 lbsSymptoms-Still needing to eat pretty frequently-though not nearly as much. My desire to clog my arteries with McDonald’s and Taco Bell has dipped drastically and now I’m […]

Week 12

This week has been such a blessing. I ended up cooking several times. The biggest hits were the spicy cobb salad with homemade avocado ranch and my peaches and cream cake. I’ll update the foodie blog with those recipes this week. I did some pre-nesting-nesting in the form of getting out all our fall decor […]