I Guess I’ll Be “That Mom”

I’m 27. Everyone around me is pregnant, just having babies, getting engaged, getting married, or having a birthday. That’s a lot of ka-ching coming out of my bank account, y’all. In my playgroup alone there are 25 “members.” If I regularly interacted with (or knew) all of them and their children that’s around 49 gifts […]

This is Hard

A little girl was not nice to K the other day. And by “not nice” I mean wouldn’t share. The kid was a complete stranger and had no reason to share with my daughter. She didn’t know her, and for all she thought, K was going to run off with her princess dolls. In hindsight […]

This Day is SO Not Happening

I’m writing this as my day progresses because the sheer amount of chaos that has been packed into it before lunch time simply has to be documented. It’s long but I assure you it’s in no way an embellishment of my reality. Once you’re through reading I anticipate you’ll feel my pain and want to […]