Dear Elizabeth

As you prepare for your new role as “wife” let me quickly suggest you don’t wear your hair half up on your wedding day. Put it all up. It just doesn’t look right in pictures. Also, ignore Chris when he wants to leave the reception 30 minutes after it starts. Clean the cake off your face […]


Today 8 mama’s and 15 kiddos gathered in my home for Cookiepalooza-a wheels-off dessert fest of epic proportions. There was zero lack of calorie consumption going on.  Great times were had by all, kids will likely pass out from their sugar overload and sprinkler jumping. Here’s some of  the recipes, Mama’s!   Brown Butter Salted […]

10 Things That Simply Must Stop

1. Oreos that are not “Double Stuf.” For various reasons like “stuff’ has two “f’s” not one and the cookie to vegetable shortening creamy center ratio is simply unacceptable without the extra saturated fat. Everyone knows the center is the best part. True story: I used to sit in my room in elementary school with […]