Confession #2: Marriage

Confession #2:The reality of my marriage looks nothing like Cinderella (except for the handsome guy who took no shame in chasing after me.)I never thought in depth about my wedding or what marriage would be like as a kid. I’m sure I used the curtains in the living room as a pretend veil every once […]

IWW-Day 3…kind of

This week has been busier than most were during the holiday’s hence the lack of IWW updates and now that K is now sick this “week” will likely turn into close to two. It’s so sad to see your little sweetie have zero appetite, minimal energy, a cranky demeanor and fall asleep out of nowhere at […]

IWW-Day 2

Today has been crazy. After waking at 6:30 to cram in last night’s Bachelor episode before the day’s business set in I was less than intentional about my wifely duties. I spent some time at Starbucks doing a bit of my own Bible study and kicking myself for getting a mocha instead of a caramel macchiato. […]

Intentional Wife Week

I realized I do better with structure. Structure that isn’t rigid, however. I don’t particularly like rules. Life should be fluid and few social norms should be strictly enforced. The most important is being on time. This means five minutes early. If you want me at your house for dinner at 6 I’ll be there […]