Cranberry Butter Bars

My sweet friend, Shellie, posted the above picture to Instagram and Facebook shortly after I delivered them to her home yesterday. Apparently trading baked goods for some free childcare is an acceptable transaction. Gotta love the warm fuzzies you get from blessing people with carbs and homemade goodness. It’s safe to say I know what […]

Weeks 19 and 20

Weeks 19 and 20Weeks of September 89 and October 6Weight gain– As of week 20 I’m up 10 lbs total. Symptoms–Little Christopher movements. Some sharp and unwelcome kicks to the cervixSleep-Eh. I sleep well-ish and would like to get more sleep but in an effort to be a more disciplined individual I’ve committed to waking when […]

In Our Home Lately

A combination of not saving recipes, cooking too frequently, obsessive business, and who-knows-what, has inhibited any attention to this blog. My apologies. A short recap is in order, including links to recipes we’ve made since I’m on a minor time crunch and can’t fully spell out changes we made. The skeleton is there though-build off […]