This is Hard

A little girl was not nice to K the other day. And by “not nice” I mean wouldn’t share. The kid was a complete stranger and had no reason to share with my daughter. She didn’t know her, and for all she thought, K was going to run off with her princess dolls. In hindsight […]

God Blessed Them

June 15. 2013 ¬†Genesis 1:28-God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it… Blessed we are. Beyond words. And, if I’m being frank, a little filled with fear. I am a combination of filled with joy and scared out of my little noggin to again […]

Sweet, Sweet Season

¬†I’ve had every intention of making a full post dedicated to the happenings around our home, namely the gargantuan and never ending project of a pretty intense home remodel. Ariel’s Grotto turned to a fabulous red The dog-dander filled carpet was replaced with hand scraped laminate (that matches our awesome table) and new, extra cushy […]

Free Time and Pharaoh

I subscribe to a week day Bible study of sorts called Join the Journey. Monday-Friday at approximately 4:07AM my phone gets an automatic email from someone in my church who has analyzed and expanded on a piece of Scripture. Thankfully I keep my phone on silent at night and am not awoken to the “dooo […]

So much catching up to do

If you’ve been in the loop lately consider yourself blessed. The sheer amount of busy, crazy, emotions, and nonsense is overwhelming. I think roughly 28 times a day that I need to fill in the gaps for y’all but then another life or death (or so it seems) crisis arises and alas, I’m another day […]