And I Am Thankful

My goal of this blog has been to glorify the Lord with the gifts and talents he’s given me. I can’t very well do that by keeping His provision to me as of late to myself.

I’ve been reduced to tears all morning.

Not pregnant.

Not hormonal (maybe a little hormonal).

Not sad.

I’m just so very, very thankful. This season of isolation and trying to find a new normal has been so hard. So very difficult. And yet here we are. The morning after a dinner with God’s people-people I served in a former home church with. My first community. Our youth pastor. His beautiful wife. These people for years were my people and here God has allowed them to be my people again. To have them to my home. To be hospitable. To just fellowship together.

And I can’t stop crying. So much happiness and gratitude from having dinner. Being in the company of people who are just lovely has touched my soul. I am encouraged-I see a light in the darkness-a gorgeous light of God’s goodness-and I can’t help but be overwhelmed.

As if dinners weren’t enough our dearest friends, and K’s best friend, are spending the weekend with us. They’re coming into our world and helping bring some sense of comfort, of being known, of being admonished and encouraged. We’ll have people here to just be. As if I’ve been in prison in solitary confinement and I finally get to go outside and interact with others.

I can think of no better gift right now.

God has shown up. Has made Himself so beautifully known. And I am thankful.


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