Week 6

Week of June 30. 2013 I feel like crap. This nausea was not present with K and if it had been I can about assure you I’d never have signed up for bambino #2. The weight loss has been pleasant but the route to getting there has been less than ideal. Cravings. Let me tell […]

4 Weeks

Week of June 16, 2013 So, I was blessed enough to find out at 3 weeks 3 days that I was pregnant-the Saturday before Father’s Day. Thanks to my fetus for helping me not feel bad for not buying Chris and actual gift. The gift of life is far better than the beer or whatever […]

God Blessed Them

June 15. 2013 ¬†Genesis 1:28-God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it… Blessed we are. Beyond words. And, if I’m being frank, a little filled with fear. I am a combination of filled with joy and scared out of my little noggin to again […]

Sweet, Sweet Season

¬†I’ve had every intention of making a full post dedicated to the happenings around our home, namely the gargantuan and never ending project of a pretty intense home remodel. Ariel’s Grotto turned to a fabulous red The dog-dander filled carpet was replaced with hand scraped laminate (that matches our awesome table) and new, extra cushy […]