Are We Done Yet?

Talk about baby #3 has been happening in our home lately. Side note to my mom: I know you’re thrilled. We may even have five just to keep those grand kids rolling in 🙂 (There’s significant sarcasm here). Anywho, my swearing up and down that I’ll never have another natural childbirth has proven me a liar. […]

A Day in the Life

We’ve all seen ’em. Those “A Day in the Life” posts. Those posts that are supposed to show a real glimpse into the daily life of a mom. They’re usually filled with morning cuddles, milestone achievements (significantly earlier than any your own children met), and organic homemade meals. That is not my life. So let’s […]

Culinary Weekend- Burger Bar Party

 Chris is working Summer hours which means he has several Friday’s where he’s off at noon. It’s basically amazing. That being said we’re wheels off during the weekend and found some time this past Saturday to catch up with some friends from our old Community Group over burgers and loaded twice baked potatoes.  Before all […]