The Coffee Nook

If I took a picture of the pile of laundry in my room and showed you my Community Group would likely stage an intervention. This line of thought leads me to think that this may actually bring some help in the “putting away” process of finishing my laundry so, alas, here’s the image (CG, feel […]

Chris’ Birthday Weekend

To say we ate well this weekend would be an understatement. My fantastic in law’s were in town to celebrate my man’s big 2-9 and we ate continuously, per the usual. It all started bright and early Saturday morning with the always reliable Kuby’s breakfast. See below.  A few hours later we found ourselves walking into […]

Free Time and Pharaoh

I subscribe to a week day Bible study of sorts called Join the Journey. Monday-Friday at approximately 4:07AM my phone gets an automatic email from someone in my church who has analyzed and expanded on a piece of Scripture. Thankfully I keep my phone on silent at night and am not awoken to the “dooo […]

So much catching up to do

If you’ve been in the loop lately consider yourself blessed. The sheer amount of busy, crazy, emotions, and nonsense is overwhelming. I think roughly 28 times a day that I need to fill in the gaps for y’all but then another life or death (or so it seems) crisis arises and alas, I’m another day […]