I’m Not a Fun Mom

My idea of a good time usually involves music and food. My idea of a good time to my preschooler, however, typically includes Disney Princess costumes and jumping on things-ideally simultaneously. She gets this imagination and energy from her daddy, certainly not from me. I joke with Chris that I’m with him all day. All […]

It’s the Little Things

I confessed to my husband yesterday that I have no idea what in the world I’m supposed to do all day with a 13 week old and a 3 1/3 year old. His suggestion: “Read ‘What To Expect The First Year.’” *face palm* I realized just recently that I’ve never really┬áparented a newborn. I went […]

I Guess I’ll Be “That Mom”

I’m 27. Everyone around me is pregnant, just having babies, getting engaged, getting married, or having a birthday. That’s a lot of ka-ching coming out of my bank account, y’all. In my playgroup alone there are 25 “members.” If I regularly interacted with (or knew) all of them and their children that’s around 49 gifts […]

This Day is SO Not Happening

I’m writing this as my day progresses because the sheer amount of chaos that has been packed into it before lunch time simply has to be documented. It’s long but I assure you it’s in no way an embellishment of my reality. Once you’re through reading I anticipate you’ll feel my pain and want to […]

That was the wrong answer

We love simple carbs, sugar, and butter in this house. We have dessert daily. We have it after breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sometimes dessert after dessert. Though this is surely a large over exaggeration, the point is simple: we have an healthy view of sugar in our home.┬áThis view has brought me to be convicted […]