Chicken Tikka Masala

 I should have been born in India or England because I make a mean Tikka Masala. Chris introduced me to the wonder that is Indian food for our first date and I’ve never been the same. Curry, raita, Curry Vindaloo, Daal, the list goes on and on and I salivate just thinking about it. Tonight’s […]

Sunday Dinner

The grilled fish and veggies photo worthy. I wasn’t a fan of the fish in general so to the trash it went. Our dinner last night was Pinterest inspired. Go figure. The roasted Brussels sprouts were straight from the Kroger frozen section to my 9″x13″ pan. I tossed them in some canola oil/S&P and called it good. […]


So the steak/loaded twice baked potato/squash meal was a hit. Chris simply used melted butter/S&P on the steak and grilled it perfectly. I’m addicted to A1 and didn’t even open the bottle. I ate a few pieces of squash to make myself feel better for devouring the potato but had to force them down. Not […]

Weekend Update

The weekend around here started on Thursday when we had a never-ceases-to-disappoint meal at Babe’s. K got down on some chicken and informed us en route that she “doesn’t like those beanies” (green beans.) We didn’t force the green strands of gross-ness on her but she sure can hold her own in the poultry department. […]

Meals for 1/26-2/1

I’ve been asked several times over the past few weeks about what we  cook, how often, and how we find our recipes. I’ll do what I can to post links to our menu choices and give you an outline to what we’re eating. Saturday-BrunchBacon, eggs, biscuitsDinnerSteak, BBQ chicken(for tomorrow’s meal), baked potatoes Sunday-LunchBacon, Avocado, Jalapeno, […]

Mommy competition

My dear friend R has really blessed my life lately. She sent me the link to a fantastic blog basically encouraging women to stop beating themselves up if the opt for an epidural during delivery or, Heaven forbid, the ‘tragic’ C-section. I have been asking my mommy friends about their birth stories and we range […]