A Day in the Life

We’ve all seen ’em. Those “A Day in the Life” posts. Those posts that are supposed to show a real glimpse into the daily life of a mom. They’re usually filled with morning cuddles, milestone achievements (significantly earlier than any your own children met), and organic homemade meals.

That is not my life. So let’s just keep in the spirit of authenticity and get on with it. Enjoy this chaos; I know I sure do.


4:51AM- C wakes up. Fumble for glasses, snag phone, walk haphazardly to his room and feed him. Peruse Join the Journey, Facebook, and accept that I’m up for the day.

5:17- Go back to bed. Realize I’m not going to fall back asleep and hop on the computer and realize I have some time to myself that I could read the Bible.

5:40- Pull out yesterday’s Starbucks (iced caramel macchiato) and some All Bran for breakfast. Promise myself I’ll get to my Bible reading after I check the weather, news, and anything else that kills a few brain cells. Never read the Bible. Sigh.

5:55- Read second Join the Journey post of my day and try to convince myself  I’ve been a good Christian. Meh. My morning ADD really messes with my ability to be intentional with my morning quiet time.  Retreat back to computer to update some event information on my playgroup Facebook page. Everyone loves cookies so we’re having a Cookiepalooza next month. I’m more excited than the kids will be, guaranteed.

6:30-Start listening to a sermon by  Matt Chandler. Half listen.

6:40-Chris kisses me, tells me he loves me, and surely ponders what deep words I’m typing.  Our office is next to K’s room and I gently remind him that if he wakes her up things will not be good for him. He gently tells me he’s going in there anyway, but because the sun is shining on Happy Marriage Island he bypasses her room and heads out the door for work. We spent part of our weekend camped out in Argument Cove so now that we’re out of our bickering spell it’s nice to be back to normal.

6:51-Realize I haven’t finished my day old caffeinated beverage. Ponder the behaviors and attitudes that are coming from Thing 1 and Thing 2 today. Decide to finish my Starbucks and have a moment of solitude that isn’t behind a bathroom door or hiding in the closet pretending to do laundry.

6:54- Walk past hall bathroom and deicde I should weigh myself. Weigh self. Frown. Double frown because my turning on the light wakes K up. Off to the couch to cuddle and tell each other what a blessing we are to one another.*ahem*

6:58-I realize I need to pump and tell K to snag some books and I’ll read to her. She asks to read on our chaise lounge but I tell her I need to read in my room. This is unacceptable. Books are thrown to the floor and I’m told “We’re not reading anything.”

7-We read about Aurora and her birthday.

7:10-K asks for Floating Palace from Sofia the First and a snack. I offer a boiled egg and am told she’s “not eating anything.” I silently pray for her years as a teenager, tell her she doesn’t have a kind tone and ask her to be polite.

7:20-K helps me make a batch of blueberry bread (straight from the box but topped with a from scratch oatmeal crumble for good measure) and I admire my ability to manage to leave all the cabinets open. I have an under appreciated gift.

7:41- C is awake. K talks entirely too loudly to him asking him why he has a squishy face and and why he’s all alone in his crib. This likely means she’s poking him through the side slats so I go in and rescue him to baby safety.

8:18-Breakfast is finished and we’re outside to play with chalk. K does a few laps on her tricycle  and C shows how displeased his is being crammed in his Bumbo. Those chunky thighs are a tight squeeze. Bumbo days are numbered, sadly.

8:30-Call my mom and tell her I’ve decided to stop being a helicopter parent and it’s ok for my kids to stay at her house for two nights without me or Chris. I feel proud I’m cutting the cord. And mildly dumb for even being stressed.

8:50- Feed C. Think deep thoughts like how stoked I am for a weekend away with my man.I remind myself I have a beautiful bridesmaid gown to fit in in a few days so that second, or third, helping of blueberry bread really wasn’t all that necessary. Attempt to remember who I am in Christ. Remember the number on the scale this morning. K interrupts my self loathing talk and back outside we go.

9:10-Realize I have to go to Costco,the worst place on earth, and snag some Shawarma seasoning from a local Mediterranean bakery. I try to get K dressed but she’s exceptionally defiant and I lose my temper. I apologize and ask for forgiveness then load the kiddos up in the car. I am thankful it’s C’s morning nap time so he can get some rest while I travel the metroplex for groceries.

10-Realize I had put K’s dress on backwards. Awesome.

10:51-Decide I’m hungry and make an omlet with cheese, tomato, and onion. Snack on black bean dip. Tell myself I’ll have a sensible dinner and snack on chips and dip a bit more. K decides she’d like some of the leftover grilled shark Chris made for her but informs me I should wait until her hands are clean since she’s creating chaos in the backyard with chalk. C is in his exersaucer watching his sister and begging I rescue him from his standing baby prison.

11-Give C a dose of Tylenol for his teething pain, nurse him for a minute or so and lay him on his play mat to eat his toes to his heart’s content. Take the opportunity while both kids are occupied to pick up a bit.

1130-Finish nursing C and have K set up a picnic for us in the living room. She requests “lots of food” for our adventure and I suppress the urge to bake chocolate chip cookies.

11:40- Baking urge not suppressed. I remember I’m watching my friend Jenn’s kiddos for a bit this afternoon and everyone loves chocolate and butter so to the kitchen we go.

11:48-K is mad at me because I won’t get her glass plates from the kitchen for all her animals. I decide it’s time for a nap, something that never ever happens anymore. After replacing the batteries in C’s swing I strap him in and pray he crashes out, too. The gift of both children napping is the most desired of all for this mama. I hear singing and feel sun beams all over.

12:04- Rub K’s hair to help her fall asleep. C fusses so I do the only logical thing I know to do-feed him again because I feel bad that he’s either overtired or in pain from teething. He falls asleep and I put him in his swing; a surefire way to get a long nap out of him. Go back into K’s room, remind her it’s nap time and rub her arm until she falls asleep. Double check that both kids are out and do a silent happy dance.

12:10-Mama time!!! Snag my Bible and a cup of Ty-phoo and head for the chaise lounge. Jenn lets me know her kiddos will be staying with her mom today so I stay put and refuse to clean the house.

1:35- K is awake. She asks to watch “The Little Mermaid” so I finish my draft for a local mom’s blog and oblige. I set her up with a snack and Ariel and take it upon mself to be productive by organizing the pantry and laundry room. . I build myself up and marvel at how domestic I am.

2:50- I tell K to pause her show and pick up her room. She does (kind of)  and we head to my bathroom for her bath. We knock this out before Chris gets home so they can have more time to play at night. C is still asleep so I pump and snag The Jesus Storybook Bible to read to K. I’m informed during this time that she prefers my hair down. I process a few responses that I keep to myself and continue on with my business. And keep my hair up.

4-K, C and I all play in K’s room reading books and playing the typical game of “Don’t lay on your brother.”

4:40-Chris is home. I finish an email to my mom outlining C’s schedule for when he’s there and work on dinner. Chris heads out for a run and I feed the kids. C is highly unimpressed with his dinner so I decide we’ll hold off on solids for awhile longer-no need to rush.

5:30-Dinner. Leftovers. Boring.

6:40- Bedtime routine! I jump in the shower and Chris runs around playing with the kids and warms up C’s bottle. K is a screaming banshee running around like a hooligan and C is most displeased with the pain from teething,

7:25-Finish giving C a bottle and lay him down, awake, in his crib. We’ll see how this goes. Usually he’s out like a light by 7 but clearly both of my kid’s dinners were full of stimulants because they are bright eyed and wide awake.

7:45-C is asleep. I spend awhile in K’s room having a picnic and birthday party for her friends. Realizing I’ve been awake for far too long I ask Chris if we can hang out the next day since I’m drained. He sweetly encourages me to go to bed so K and I read a story to each other and I get “tucked in” by both Chris and K.

9:30-Fan on. Lights off. Come on, sleep!


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