I’ve Had It All Wrong

“Do you love me?” I asked K last week in a moment where I needed validation that I wasn’t a complete failure after spending much of my day tending to a sick Christopher and picking up the house. “Yes!” was her response. “Why?” “Because you give me kisses.” Boom. Regardless of the busyness of my […]

Culinary Weekend

The weekend’s are usually when Chris and I get the most creative in the kitchen. If we’re not entertaining friends or family we’re scouring the internet for recipe ideas and spend most of our mornings and evenings shopping, prepping, cooking and eating. It’s likely the highlight of K’s weekends too as she’s gotten much more […]

I’m Not a Fun Mom

My idea of a good time usually involves music and food. My idea of a good time to my preschooler, however, typically includes Disney Princess costumes and jumping on things-ideally simultaneously. She gets this imagination and energy from her daddy, certainly not from me. I joke with Chris that I’m with him all day. All […]

Open Letter on Modesty

I do my very best to use a nursing cover in public when feeding my son. Not because I’m ashamed of my body, fearful of judgment, or because it’s convenient, but because I’m well aware that what’s natural for me could be a stumbling block to someone, anyone. Let me explain. We live in a […]

It’s the Little Things

I confessed to my husband yesterday that I have no idea what in the world I’m supposed to do all day with a 13 week old and a 3 1/3 year old. His suggestion: “Read ‘What To Expect The First Year.’” *face palm* I realized just recently that I’ve never really parented a newborn. I went […]


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! It’s like Christmas morning in the Culbreth hizzle tonight. My magnificent, talented, wonderful, amazing, perfect in every way friend, Jenn has spent the past few hours learning me a thing or seven about the interwebs, computers, domains, and the like. I HAS A NEW BLOG! I’m giddy with excitement and simply […]