Finally, we have answers.

Today was K’s final appointment with specialists-though we do have a follow up on the 10th just to ensure the new prescription moisturizer is working to its full potential. Let’s just get this all in one space so I don’t have to continue to keep track of the timeline of events that brought us here-20 […]

Week 13

Week of August 18, 2013 Due Date(based off baby’s measurements, not LMP)- February 23, 2014Weight gain-Week 3 to week 8-2 lbs. Week 8 to week 12-0 lbs Total First Trimester-2 lbsSymptoms-Still needing to eat pretty frequently-though not nearly as much. My desire to clog my arteries with McDonald’s and Taco Bell has dipped drastically and now I’m […]

Week 12

This week has been such a blessing. I ended up cooking several times. The biggest hits were the spicy cobb salad with homemade avocado ranch and my peaches and cream cake. I’ll update the foodie blog with those recipes this week. I did some pre-nesting-nesting in the form of getting out all our fall decor […]

Week 11

Week of August 4, 2013 Dr’s appointment was today- heard heart beat right away-so thankful! I’d had some significant anxiety and tried to prepare myself not to hear anything but took it upon myself to fight back tears as Dr. H  let me film such a glorious sound.  I think in that moment all my […]