Weekly Meals 2/24-3/1

We’re off on a week on brand new recipes. Since we had a bottle of Bud Light leftover in our fridge we’re turning it into the batter for fish and chips. Our meals this week aren’t as “grab and go” as last week’s were so we’ll see if we opt to add something more simple mid-week to help with the hustle and bustle of our lives. Anyway, on to the menu:

Lunch-Fish and Chips
Dinner-Tandoori Naan Chicken Sandwiches
I make my naan from scratch using this super simple recipe

Lunch-Tandoori Naan Chicken Sandwiches
Dinner-”                                                    “

Lunch-Tandoori Naan Chicken Sandwiches
Dinner-Chicken a la King with green beans

Lunch- Chicken a la King
Dinner-Chicken a la King

Lunch-Chicken a la King
Dinner-Shepherd’s Pie and broccoli
Since we’ll be making such a large batch of the Pie I’ll cook the meat mixture separate from the cheese/potato goodness to help with portion control.

Lunch and Dinner-Shepherd’s Pie


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