Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken and Balsalmic Roasted Asparagus

UGH! This meal had me near cursing the chicken as I hammered it out. Remind me to only make this meal on the weekends or not when I’m pressed for time. Though it’s delicious, it royally stressed me out. I had to make a conscious effort to take my thoughts captive during the prep because, frankly, I was just in a foul mood. I had to defrost the chicken in the sink this morning and work until noon. K is in the throws of potty training and as such we needed a Hobby Lobby run for stickers for her potty chart. I tried for an hour to get her to take a nap and she refused until 3. This stupid meal has taken me an hour and a half to make. I’m throwing in the towel today, y’all.

The stuffing for the chicken was just the above ingredients blended together with the handy Ninja. I did this about an hour before I actually hammered the chicken so it could all marinate together in its cheesy, flavorful goodness. I used the entire block of cream cheese and container of feta along with 1/2 tsp of each spice.

I defrosted the chicken and then cut them horizontal through the middle to make thin filet’s. Since we were out of wax paper I substituted Saran wrap and used a mallet to thin them out enough to fill and roll. I had nasty chicken hands and my phone was charging so I was unable to document this part but you’ll see the final product below. They cooked in a 350 degree oven for about 40 minutes and then sat under the broiler until golden on top and ready to serve. They look yummy and uncommon so K is all raring to eat it up. I hope she likes feta…

We had leftover asparagus from the burgers this weekend so I threw them in the oven with the chicken as it cooked. After letting the asparagus and onion cook with 2 T of butter and some salt, pepper, and garlic powder I took them out and added the tomatoes and some awesome fig balsamic vinegar we got from Oil and Vinegar. That stuff is pure diet poison. I’d gladly eat that with bread all day, every day. The killer thing about that store is all the free samples. I love free and I love food and put them together, well.. you’re just asking for nutritional trouble. You’ll find me at the cheese samples at Whole Foods significantly longer than snagging oranges in produce. Any who, I digress.
This, ladies and gentlemen was SO worth the effort in the kitchen. The taste really blew my mind. I was a culinary genius tonight. K ate almost the entire piece of chicken and boycotted the bread (“No like that bread, Mama.”) After a Veggie Tales video she decided she wanted to try the asparagus so we’ll see how that goes.

I wish I had more of the fig balsamic to put with the veggies because it really was THAT good. It was certainly a toss up between which part of the meal was my favorite. I’m awaiting Chris’ seal of approval since he got home late. I’m gonna go ahead and assume he’ll rave about it. 
I altered my recipe from this one.  and took a cue from this recipe for the asparagus and tomato goodness. The bread was rosemary garlic from Whole Foods and simply must not be omitted. You need something to soak up all the fig, feta, yummy goodness when you clear your plate (for the third time.)


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