So much to do

Sadly, nap time for K for the past few days has immediately followed a time out. I know she’s cranky because her normally obedient self turns into defiant toddler and off to dreamland she needs to go. I’ve realized if I take her to time out, explain why when mommy says “no” she should listen, and then march her off to bed with her frog and blanket she falls asleep immediately and wakes up in a rock star mood. I’m sad she needs to be punished before nap time but if it’s what’s working to get her to sleep during the day I’ll take it.

She has been much easier to transition to bed at night when she wakes up-usually at 12:30AM and at 3AM. This makes Chris a cranky crankerson and in an effort to toot my own horn as a wife I’ve been turning off her monitor and shutting our door to retreat to the couch so he can catch up on sleep. I think my no nonsense approach to her bedtime has really resonated with her because only for me will she either 1. go back to sleep after countless “Mama, stay a minute” requests or 2. cry herself to sleep. (Mom, don’t worry she’s fine. She’s not scared. We have a nightlight 🙂 And her tears last less than five minutes.)Her normal bedtime of 8PM has turned to 9 or 10:30PM as of late and as such she’s sleeping in later. This only works for me on Friday’s because of my hectic work schedule the rest of the week so we’re well on our way to re-adjusting her normal bedtime routine. We used to have a pretty solid one and then I decided I should work more because, hey, who doesn’t like having more spending money? No one, that’s who.

We’re on day 2 of a big girl panties only potty training marathon. She wears diapers at nap time and bedtime and did relatively well yesterday. I downloaded a potty training app that sounds off every half hour for her to try and that has been helpful. She likes to sit and play the games and after an accident free morning at church and one “I went pee, Mama” success we hauled off to Hobby Lobby for stickers and a potty chart. Since there were no legit charts I remembered a grand ‘ol thing called Microsoft Word and created the bad boy below. It’s pretty elementary but it serves its purpose. For every five stickers (the blank boxes) she gets a piece of candy (M&M, gummy, sucker, etc.) My hope is the sticker incentives and consistency will allow the last box of Luvs I bought to be the last. A Wal Mart recently opened near us and if you know me I l.o.a.t.h.e Wal Mart. Hate it. Detest it. But we went and I was shockingly surprised. Maybe because it was new but I didn’t hate it. It’s significantly closer to me than Target and I was able to pick up some more big girl panties and a travel potty seat for being out and about. I love a deal and inexpensive stuff.

I’ve also been convicted of my lack of daily intentions with teaching her Scripture. We always ask her what she wants to thank Jesus for (and it’s usually people gummies and Anne) and try to go through her toddler Bible but obviously she needs much more than this. After scouring the Internet for goodies to help with this I found the stuff below. Obviously the Psalm is a long one so I’m not expecting perfection but the gist is there. I’ll find a way to sing it to a song she already knows and practice while she colors the sheet next to it. My poor kids is in a world of life change right now. I hope she knows how loved she is and that our desire for her to sleep through the night, not wear diapers. and love Jesus are not to be difficult parents but to raise her in the way we believe is right.

This weekend is the play group’s 1st MNO and I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how stoked I am to host. On the menu are individual pizzas, an appetizer of sorts, and chocolate fondue. I’m so glad I have foodie friends who love calories as much as me. Look for pictures in the coming days of the fun that was had by all. I’m making a conscious effort to lay off the desserts over the next 24 hours because I can assure you I have all the stuff I need for cake balls and this mama has an uber craving. Instead I’m being summoned by the clothes vomit that covers my room in all corners because I have been out of my house in the past week more than I have been in it. It’s a good thing my husband loves me and puts up with the clothing chaos that is our room 6/7 days a week. For some reason our bedroom always falls by the wayside. Luckily I have 10 women that I have to clean my house for tomorrow and I hope they know just how much I love them because for few others would I subject K’s nap time to sorting laundry.


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