A job well done

For some reason I took it upon myself to spend the past three hours entirely rearranging a few rooms in our house. The front family room has always been K’s play space and since we have stacked formals she was constantly climbing on our new and oh, so, fabulous dining room table. I was tired of welcoming guests to the Toys R Us explosion that was our formal family room and got on the ball this morning.
K and I both have ear infections so we’ve been pretty low key all weekend. My stir craziness reared its head in the form of baking bierocks (well, Chris made them…) spring rolls, and rearranging the front room, office, K’s room, and creating a play room out of our spare bedroom. The spring rolls were awesome and we only have two left. So thankful I reserved some of the ingredients to make another batch tomorrow. I’ll post about the bierocks later but for now I’m pretty stoked about my domestic skills this morning.
Please pardon the awful, horrid shade of Ariel’s Grotto mint green that is our walls. That’s next on my to do list. I keep “joking” with Chris that he’s going to come home from work one day to find the whole entry area of our house painted. I’m really only half kidding. Any who, this desk (though large in size) doubles as a blogging spot and craft area. I’m pretty obsessed with sewing and have made several quilts in my lifetime. I do it all by hand but have been pretty lazy in finishing K’s newest blanket. 

 Sadly, my green chair nearly matches the walls. Ugh. I L.O.V.E this chair. I got it from Nebraska Furniture Mart years ago and think it’s basically the best piece of furniture we own.

 Note my best friend and I on my wedding day. I rocked some pretty epic Nike 6.0’s and love them dearly. They’re my something blue and nod to my quirky personality. Anyone who knows me knows I have a love affair with high heels and tennis shoes. An odd combination, I am.

 My dear mama gave me the lamp and I love how it classes up my work area. There’s no work to be done unless I’m gazing at my super hot man. The picture is from our honeymoon in Hawai’i. I like his facial scruff. My grandmother gave me the two frogs as she always informed me  I had to kiss a lot of frogs before I found my prince. We won’t talk about me kissing “frogs” but I will gladly ramble about my Prince. My other trinket is from my parents from my college baptism. Finally, my prized picture of K. She’s just a few months old here and covered in blackberries. So full, so happy, such a little princess.

I’m loving how this space turned out and am on the market for some book shelves for either side of the window. I’d like  to install some french doors to the right to make it a little more formal but that’s just wishful thinking.

On to K’s room…

 One of the few good things about Topeka was getting the hair ribbon from the local mall. I love that darn thing just about as much as K loves having a bow in her hair. She just can’t escape from my bow obsession. Poor girl.

Go ahead and tell me how awesome her walls are. Yep, my man did that. All by himself. Over a weekend. And it.is.perfect. He’s such a perfectionist and I’m proud to call him mine. I love to brag on him and how awesome he is at being handy.

 I’d really like a white vintage mirror above her dresser but considering she’s tried to climb on the darn thing more times than I can count I think it’s in her safety’s best interest that we refrain from glass in her room.

 My domestic ignorance caused for the curtains to be hung two inches too high. I’m too lazy to fix them.

We have yet to buy a frame and headboard for her big girl bed as she still climbs out all the time. We’ll get on that soon(ish) and add a nightstand and be good to go. Bed goodies compliments of Pottery Barn Kids and Target.

Finally, the playroom. This was my special project for K this morning. I kicked her out until I had all the food, blocks, toys and other stuff organized and welcomed her to the wonder that is her playroom.

 The McDonald’s play set is mine-circa 1988. My fondness for cooking goes way back y’all. I’m surprised it still works and is in such awesome condition giving the dozen homes that toy has been in.

 My favorite! The nook! K loves to read and I love having a little area for us to relax, snuggle and read stories. We’ll see how long the stuff stays organized…

I’ll go ahead and pat myself for a job well done today. I’ve failed to post pictures of the explosion that happened to our living room as I moved things out of bedrooms. Chris has a great evening of attic organizing ahead of him. Don’t worry, he loves me 🙂


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