Intentional Parenting Day2: A Luau and Daddy’s Night of Relaxation


K woke up from her nap and wanted a snack, per the usual. A “sweet snack” to be exact. I realized we still had a fresh pineapple intended to be mixed with bourbon and/or champagne for a drink on Father’s Day and chopped it up. K loves fancy drinks, anything served in a special glass, and cherries. With that, the Luau was born. I threw together some pineapple, orange juice, vanilla bean sugar, and ice in our Ninja and served it with goldfish (read: not whole grain). K wanted to spend our time talking and painting Elsa in her bathing suit so that’s exactly what we did.


As always our conversation drifted to when Daddy would be home. I knew Chris had had a long week full of yard work and all sorts of chaos that is our schedule lately so we decided to serve Chris and make a night just for him. After asking K what she thought we should do I wrote it down and laid it on our island so Chris could be in the loop as to what we had planned for his evening. Everyone loves two sessions of cuddling on the couch and having to soak their feet to be rubbed by a three year old and a wife who has a sniffly nose. K has been obsessed with the story of Jesus rubbing the Disciples feet ever since Chris let her wash his in the bath several weeks ago. Our take on it was anti climactic to say the least. Good intentions, poor execution.


20140617_181153 20140617_175704 20140617_171435

We did end up helping with dinner (see above). Chris made an awesome marinade the night before for the carne asada out of orange juice, spices, and jalapenos. I’ll post the full recipe later for both the borracho beans and meat.

Needless to say it was an awesome evening. We never go to the movie or double dose of cuddling and I’m pretty sure Chris would have enjoyed a night playing video games over sitting on the couch with his feet in different sized bowls filled with hot water and lavender oil. Regardless of his preferences, K was able to put her wonderful servant’s heart to good use. Since I’ve been under the weather our intentional time yesterday and today have been minimal. I managed to read her a book while folding laundry earlier so I figure that counts for something.

Day 2 of parenting outside the normal box went well. I’m thrilled to have several days worth of leftovers and lots of memories in the kitchen with K and Chris as we all cooked together. Our intentional family time is certainly a work in progress, especially with a three month old whose nighttime routine starts an hour after Chris gets home. I’m thrilled to be on this journey with other mama’s who have expressed they can relate for not always being the mama to their kids that their littles needed. In an effort to not get stuck in a complacent parenting style, I’m thankful for the accountability and encouragement I’ve gotten from so many of you. Mad props to y’all!



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