Weeks 24-28

Weeks of November 3, 10, 17, 24

Weight gain– As of week 28-17 lbs

SymptomsRacing heart, pain along left side of ribs/sternum when standing up, spastic Christopher movements that are not to seizures (I actually asked this question at my appointment today…)

Sleep-Sleeping well besides some dissatisfaction with my pillows. Perhaps I’ll find some good ones and add ’em to my Christmas list.


Aversions-Real talk? Taking my prenatals, asprin, DHA, and iron supplement. I take ’em about every other day because this clearly expresses the depth I care about my unborn child.

What a month. At my 24 week appointment I had somehow managed to gain 5 lbs in a month and measured about a month ahead. I failed my initial 1 hour glucose test, as I did with K as well, and found out I was anemic. Awesome news. Fast forward through a three hour glucose test (four blood draws in three hours on after fasting for 12 hours and only consuming an orange “drink” full of sugary gross,) and a month of being unsure if my crazy over sized child was because of diabetes or too much amniotic fluid and here we are.

Today’s appointment revealed I’d gained roughly 2 lbs and little man was right on track for growth. Apparently this mama likes her desserts in plenty and her veggies in moderation. It’s amazing what committing to eating a whole lot of salad and limiting simple carbs (read:not giving up dessert) can do for ones waistline and bambino. 

K is super enthusiastic about meeting her brother. I’m equally excited though, truth be told, I’m.not.ready.I anticipate going from a family of three to four will be significantly easier than going from two to three. It’s safe to say it took about two solid years for me to finally adjust…and with little miss turning three in just a few weeks I think we’ll use the word “adjust” loosely.

Anywho, this third trimester has arrived crazy quickly and there’s still so much to do. The poor child doesn’t have a crib sheet or a dresser and will get to crash out in his sister’s super cool pink Pack and Play for the first few weeks…that is, if we can convince her not to climb in said sleeping apparatus with said little brother. Thankfully we’ve got a few dolls to practice appropriate measures for how to interact with Christopher once he arrives. I think it’s safe to say I’ll move down below daddy and little brother in the list of who’s fun to be around in our home-and when I start to feel bad that I’m not her number one I’ll remind her that I quit my very prestigious job to stay home with her full time so she and I should probably take advantage of that and just bake some cookies.


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