Weeks 21, 22, 23

Weeks of October 13. 20, 27

Weight gain– As of week 22 I’m up 11 lbs

SymptomsLots of kicks from little man. Unnecessary pain in my inner thighs when I get up every 20 minutes during the night to pee. Pillows don’t help. Sleeping on my back doesn’t help. Blah! Some knee discomfort if I stand too long barefoot or in non-supportive shoes. This is why I swear by tennis shoes.

Sleep-Insomnia! I have struggled to sleep before midnight lately. Though K wakes around 8 AM I get a solid amount of sleep but not nearly enough. Napping during the day is impossible as my mind runs a mile a minute thinking of the laundry I should hang, the shows I could catch up on, and other significant deep thoughts 🙂

Cravings-Nada. The Crab Rangoon dip was awful. Terrible. I didn’t eat it. I may be chronically dehydrated as I can’t get enough to drink. Water, that is. I seriously want a beer-a Belgian beer. Eating out with friends is a horrid reminder of what I can’t have. Though I appreciate the smaller meal tab I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to seriously considering the consequences of more than a sip or seven of a glass of wine or margarita. Full disclosure: I’ve remained a lush-free mama. Ironically I’m not even a big drinker- rarely finish a whole bottle of beer or glass of wine any way. Perhaps I’m such a rebel that I want what I can’t have even if I normally am generally an alcohol-phobic.

Aversions- Laundry. 

I go in next week for my glucose tolerance test. I learned from my pregnancy with K that under no circumstances whatsoever do you eat beforehand or you may be subject to the dreaded three hour test. I scheduled my appointment early in the AM so I could eat breakfast after my blood draw and hopefully have a more accurate account of my total weight gain. All my appointments have been immediately after lunch and though I don’t feel like a beached whale I still think the numbers are inaccurate 🙂 Little man is a bit stubborn and won’t kick when Chris tries to feel but has jacked K in the head and back a few times. *sigh* Sibling rivalry. K always wants to “buy this for my baby brother’ when we’re out and about so I have to be thankful that she doesn’t resent him at this point. She still plays in his crib daily and will eventually learn it’s not a toy but rather a nice place for the baby to sleep while Mama gathers some sanity.

We finished our Bradley birthing classes last week and will continue practicing exercises and relaxation at home over the next 16 or so weeks. I still intend to labor naturally at home and deliver in the hospital with a doula and very supportive husband. Our OB is equally on board so as long as I can get over my fears all should be well and right in the world. 

I’m very much looking forward to sleeping on my stomach, eating anything with tomatoes in it without the repercussions of eating 20 Tums before bed, and cuddling my bambino! So close, we are!


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