Weeks 19 and 20

Weeks 19 and 20

Weeks of September 89 and October 6
Weight gain– As of week 20 I’m up 10 lbs total. 

SymptomsLittle Christopher movements. Some sharp and unwelcome kicks to the cervix

Sleep-Eh. I sleep well-ish and would like to get more sleep but in an effort to be a more disciplined individual I’ve committed to waking when Chris does to do my quiet time with the Lord and have some Elizabeth time before K wakes up.

Cravings-Again, anything sour. I had an unnecessary craving for totally Americanized Chinese food yesterday. I recently bought the ingredients to make Crab Rangoon Dip so that’ll help satisfy some of my Asian food craving next week. I somehow managed to kill an entire batch of Layered Greek dip in two days but consider it a healthy alternative to the Reuben Dip I made the week before. What’s with me and dips, yo?!

Aversions- Housework. Does that count?

We finally got all of K’s clothes down from the attic and Gymboree and Target exploded in our kitchen, formal dining, and formal living room while I organized into piles by size for resale. It’s disgusting and honestly embarassing at the sheer amount of clothing we have for our child. Poor Christopher has a onesie to his name. Good to know we’re starting Second Child Syndrome right from the womb. I also convinced Chris to get K’s crib down from the attic so we could put it together because we absolutely need some random empty crib sitting in our office for the next four months. While on a family date to Target (the best kind of dates, ever!) I informed Chris of the style and colors I wanted to do with the nursery. We’re only agreed on the paint color at this point. Sad day. My wicked awesome friend Audrey is hooking us up with a rocker that she doesn’t use anymore-love saving money! We’re just on the market for a white dresser and some clothing hand me downs for little man and we’ll be set. I’m waiting for the deep cleaning nesting phase to kick in-and I’m fairly certain my family is as well. Case in point: sweet Kerrigan informed me today that I couldn’t wash her hair because I hadn’t cleaned the house yet. In my defense I’d been running all over town running errands, selling clothes, and cooking while managing to squeeze in some homeschooling, a batch of marshmallow hot chocolate and a sweet fort for watching movies so I think she needs to lower her standards 🙂


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