In Our Home Lately

A combination of not saving recipes, cooking too frequently, obsessive business, and who-knows-what, has inhibited any attention to this blog. My apologies. A short recap is in order, including links to recipes we’ve made since I’m on a minor time crunch and can’t fully spell out changes we made. The skeleton is there though-build off it to suit your family’s taste!

At my 20 week appointment for Christopher I took it upon myself to get the flu shot. And then pay for it dearly just hours after…and for the entire next day. Nothing sounded good to eat until nearly 8PM when I was famished. I had been browsing Pinterest while starting from the Pilot episode of watching Gossip Girl (don’t judge me) and decided I needed layered Greek dip. There’s several ways to make this, two fantastic options are here and here.  I wasn’t nearly as fancy pants and merely layered 8 ingredients with store bought pita bread.
2. Lemon juice
3. Roma tomatoes
5.Red onion
6.Kalamata olives
7. Feta cheese
8. Paprika

I should have thought about adding artichokes and tzatziki sauce but the truth of the matter is I was starving and needed food asap. Behold the deliciousness below.

 The night before I made my family’s Oriental Napa cabbage salad and mixed up some random tuna salad. Our recipe is similar to the one here. 

 Ah, the Community Group Dinner Party. We had plans to go to Oktoberfest as a group but rain cancelled that idea and alas the Culbreth’s hosted their people for a multi-course Italian feast. I made a white Italian cream cake with white chocolate. The cake recipe is here, the frosting was a package of cream cheese and 4 cups of homemade whipped cream and 2 tsp vanilla.

 Chris hooked us up with some hunter sauce (mostly veggies with some ground beef, organic and home made tomato sauce, herbs, and sausage), and an herb roasted broccoli.

 Appetizers included garlic and butter roasted mushrooms, balsamic vinegar, white truffle dipping sauce, and more roasted garlic with french bread.

 I had a hankering for goat cheese a few weeks ago and browned some mushrooms and onions with fresh tomatoes, tomato sauce from my grandpa’s garden, some basil, penne, and goat cheese for a quick pasta dish that even Kerrigan adored.

 While vacationing in Kansas I treated my family to a fall vegetable soup with kale, onions, carrots, and other goodies. I paired it with stuffed mushrooms made with various herbs, and about five different types of cheeses I found in my grandpa’s refrigerator.

 After visiting my sister in law and having epic pineapple curry at some random Thai restaurant in Beaumont I came home and immediately got to work on my own version. I used this recipe, I believe.

 While actually in  Beaumont I made Reuben dip and a caramel Oreo pie. I was clearly on a diet. The Oreo pie was from the no bake dessert box and I just added more crushed Oreos to the top (Double Stuf!) and drizzled caramel over top.

 Pumpkin Monkey Bread. ‘Nuff said.

 I used the same 1-2-3-4 recipe for the Italian cream cake above to make this bad boy as well as identical frosting but made a sheet cake and topped with peaches. It was a really dense cake so we upped the calorie count and moist factor with some Blue Bell.

 Spicy chicken and cobb salad with avocado ranch. I don’t remember the recipe, can’t find the recipe, and am in dire need of a nap. The chicken was cooked with Slap Ya Mama (but don’t really…) and paired great with the salad. From what I remember, and what the picture shows, it was simple with tomato, carrot, lettuce, cucumber, bacon, avocado, and crouton. Had I not been pregnant I would have loaded that bad boy up with blue cheese. We’ll go ahead and assume this is the dressing recipe, though I’m fairly certain it’s not. Can’t be half bad though 🙂 If nothing else use some Hidden Valley Ranch and call it a day.


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