Weeks 16, 17, 18

Weeks 16, 17, and 18

Weeks of September 8, 15, and 22

Weight gainWeek 16-up 4 more lbs
                      Week 28-down 2 lbs
                      Total weight gain at end of week 18-4 lbs

SymptomsSore feet, some painful contractions of sorts, exhaustion, intermittent appetite. Some days I literally can.not.stop.eating. Other days (like today) I’m good on minimal food.

SleepJust can’t get enough. While in Kansas last week my stomach decided to stay permanently protruded and as such stomach sleeping has subsided. Not a happy camper.



The past month has been chaos. Pure pandemonium. At the beginning of September I went to OKC for my best friend’s bridal weekend. I stayed up too late, ate some delicious foods, and sadly watched my girlfriends drink wine. 24 hours after returning home I loaded up the Rav with K and some essentials and made the 6 hour drive to Beaumont to help out my sweet sister in law with her munchkins. K and I stayed a few days and while there I learned the importance of making Reuben dip. I simply cannot stop thinking about it. I keep telling myself as long as I heat the deli meat I’ll be fine but the reality is I have yet to break down and buy the ingredients necessary to fill my belly with the fatty yumminess.

The week I got home from Beaumont I began having some significant lower abdominal and back pain (full post on that later this week.) I was placed on bed rest for a measly 24 hours before I could get into my Dr. All is well and right in the world. Baby is healthy, my weight gain is great (up 6 lbs total at this visit,) and we’re treading along to deliver safely in February.

I left bright and early the following Saturday morning after not quite a week home to spend eight days in Kansas with my family and prep for my best friend’s wedding. The business and nonstop flurry of activity, travel, eating out, and bonding with my favorite girlfriends caused some weight loss and I assure you I’m not complaining. Doing what I can to stay on track to gain 25 lbs or less is going well. 

I’m still not exercising, thought I consider the pace of my life to be cardio enough. Chris developed a workout program for the two of us to do at night but since I’ve been out of town more days this month than actually home I’m taking some much needed down time to regroup and de-stress.

We go in October 10 for a 20 week ultrasound to ensure all organs and limbs are looking as they should. So stoked! We opted not to have any genetic testing done and will just continue with daily baby asprin hoping it will help (and that God’s plan is to) keep this baby to term-growing healthy and the like over the next 21 weeks.

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