Weeks 14 and 15

Weeks of August 25 and September 1

Weight gainWeek 12-14: 1 lb Pregnancy total-3 lbs

SymptomsExhausted. Literally can NOT sleep enough. I’ve been gone more days than home this month;the travel is taking it’s toll on me for sure. I took a three hour nap yesterday and have no problem sleeping 12 hours at night. I wake consistently between 6 and 7 feeling refreshed for awhile and am drained by the afternoon. 

SleepJust can’t get enough. Still sleeping happily on my stomach, thankfully

CravingsSour anything. Sauerkraut. Sour Patch Kids. Lemon water. Pasta. Capers.


Little guy (or gal) likes to move on my left side around bedtime so that’s fun. Loving the reminders that all is well and right in the world. I have a regular appt on the 12 and will find out the gender (provided we have a cooperative bambino) the beginning of October. I’ve become peaceful about having another girl so I don’t have to make a circumcision decision and not deal with learning how to potty train differently. My comfy clothes still fit well but I can’t button my pre-pregnancy pants. Bump is occasionally noticeable but definitely not consistent. It takes a good amount of food and hours into the day before I start to look like I should lay off the cupcakes. Looking forward to being able to get some paint on the nursery walls and K’s old crib down from the attic. 

I think the craziness of life lately and my general inability to say “no” to those around me is forcing me to slow it down. I’ve had a hard smack with reality that I can not, in fact, do it all and I’ve become much more protective of my time. We’re looking for a new normal for our family that includes much more down time and a good division of social time among friends, family dates, and one on one dates with the Mr. and me. As someone that typically operates like the Energizer bunny this pregnancy is royally kicking my backside. I made small talk with Chris about my fears of being put on bed rest-something he thought would greatly benefit me. My argument: how would Bible study, other Church groups, cooking for others, minuscule amounts of cleaning, and other “very important” things I’m involved with ever go on without me?! My pride and ego quickly deflated and I realized the reality of the situation is it would all continue to exist, and exist well nonetheless. Hoping this gives some perspective to those around me who are used to me never turning down an opportunity to help out or serve. Sincerely looking to have a healthy home life and not exhaust myself while continuing to love each of you as best I can given the circumstances.

With all the Fall decor up around my house and the overwhelming cider and pumpkin scent that fills our home (and sometimes my Starbucks coffee cup-helloooooooooo PSL!) I struggle to find reasons to even leave our house. I should probably use some of that homebody-ness to actually deep clean a room or four.

Thrilled to be nearly halfway done with this pregnancy- can’t wait to find out the gender, have specific prayers for their future spouse (Lord knows they’ll need ’em!) and plan my attack to get them to love those fabulous Jayhawks before anyone around here tries to sway them to Longhorn land 🙂


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