Week 13

Week of August 18, 2013

Due Date(based off baby’s measurements, not LMP)- February 23, 2014

Weight gain-Week 3 to week 8-2 lbs. Week 8 to week 12-0 lbs Total First Trimester-2 lbs

Symptoms-Still needing to eat pretty frequently-though not nearly as much. My desire to clog my arteries with McDonald’s and Taco Bell has dipped drastically and now I’m just in beast mode (more commonly known to my husband as “give me food or suffer the consequences.”) My stomach looks like a normal person in the morning but by the end of the night I’m struggling to keep it all in my clothes. I had a bit of a panic last night and did some impromptu shopping for dresses that are church appropriate and forgiving to my beginning to bulge stomach. None of my shorts button well anymore and I will not be entertaining the idea of pants or capris in the near-or distant-future. It’s much too hot to wear much more than a bathing suit at all times. I’ll extend a courtesy to you all by keeping all that hidden 🙂 I can’t sit through church without peeing once or four times. I’m an inconvenient row-sharer to those around me.

Sleep-Awful. Terrible. Horrible. Very inconsistent and I’m what many refer to as exhausted by 7PM. Could easily sleep lay in my bed for 12 hours a day with no problem. 

Cravings-Fruit. Water. Anything not reheated. I’d love a sandwich-lots of sandwiches. A ruben. A turkey club. A Jimmy John’s unwich. *sigh* 

Aversions-Leftovers. Bleh.

My fears have taken a back seat this time around as I’m surrounded by a great group of women who love me, K, and the bambino so much already. I love being spurred on and encouraged that I’m capable of a natural birth, that if I cave to the epidural I’m not a failure, and that regardless of if I live in the same clothes for one or three days I carry great worth (and likely a whole lot of deodorant.) I fully intend to keep sleeping on my stomach as much as possible and have finally accepted that any type of latte is going to send me into Panic Attack City for hours in the evening. This location is not a place I desire to reside so in the interest of saving myself a night of irrational fears I’ll stick with tea for the next few months. Whole Foods took it upon themselves to begin making Stroopwafels so it’s safe to say you can find me curled up on our chaise lounge with some Earl Grey and an oozing caramel cookie first thing in the morning. K has been sleeping until nearly 9 each morning giving me plenty of quiet time (recently finished my study on Revelation) and some good ‘ol blog hopping.

Second trimester, you’ve done me right thus far. Thank you for my energy and for running to the hills with my nausea. I’m rather thrilled you’ve brought small baby movements on my left side that are undeniable and such a great reminder that all our prayers have been answered. 


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