Week 12

This week has been such a blessing. I ended up cooking several times. The biggest hits were the spicy cobb salad with homemade avocado ranch and my peaches and cream cake. I’ll update the foodie blog with those recipes this week.

I did some pre-nesting-nesting in the form of getting out all our fall decor from the attic and adding some new pieces from my awesome Mama. Chris shook his head likely on several occasions informing me it’s still August and it’s going to continue to be 100 degrees for the next several weeks. Whatever. My home needs to smell like pumpkins and happiness so out came the orange and a tweaked recipe for a pumpkin chai latte.

 K picked out the below scarecrows on our date yesterday. Hobby Lobby totally hooked us up- 40%off  all Fall decor. Those poor employees were so ready for me and my overflowing cart to leave.

 K took it upon herself to cover her body with blue stamps just minutes before we were to be out the door. Not.Awesome. Thankfully it came off quickly and we were able to get where we needed to be in an efficient amount of time.

 Which brings me to the crux of this week’s post: Thankfulness. I read my Jesus Calling devotional this week, obviously trying to catch up on missed entries, and had to confess to my CG gals that I sincerely lacked thankfulness over the past 12 weeks.

I have been so caught up in how ill I felt, what a drag being bloated was, and how terrible I felt being a negligent wife and mother that I had somehow managed to stop being thankful that our prayers were answered with being pregnant. This week has truly pushed me into high gear with feeling better and more myself and in turn reminding me that I don’t have a 9 month illness-rather I’m carrying a blessing.Humbling words in that Jesus Calling, I tell ya.

I’m so excited for this next trimester. If the next 13 weeks are anything like the last one I’m in for a breeze. Looking forward to finding out the gender in October so we can do some serious house rearrangement and nursery decorating.

Pregnancy update: Week of August 8, 2013
Due Date(based off baby’s measurements, not LMP)- February 23, 2014
Weight gain-Week 3 to week 8-2 lbs. Week 8 to week 12-0 lbs Total First Trimester-2 lbs
Symptoms-Light headed when standing too quickly, belly that comes and goes, terrible metallic, irony, bitter taste in my mouth all the livelong day. Swishing salt water and eating citrus seems to help though temporarily. I’m constantly brushing my teeth to help combat it. I’m lead to believe it’s from the iron in my prenatals so Dr. H’s office is getting a call this week to find out my minimum nutrient needs so I can shop around for new vitamins.
Sleep-Eh…could be better. Sleeping with two pillows to help reduce chest pains and acid so that’s rather uncomfortable.
Cravings-Asian food, bagels, salad, fruit(peaches, strawberries, apples, anything!)
Aversions-coffee, latte’s, sushi, pizza


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