Week 11

Week of August 4, 2013

Dr’s appointment was today- heard heart beat right away-so thankful! I’d had some significant anxiety and tried to prepare myself not to hear anything but took it upon myself to fight back tears as Dr. H  let me film such a glorious sound.

 I think in that moment all my fears, sickness, and general anxiety surrounding this pregnancy were alleviated and my appetite came back with a vengance. I haven’t had much of one as of late except for simple carbs. I’ve been pretty inconsistent with taking my prenatal’s as the constant iron taste in my mouth is less than desirable. I’ll be changing those soon.  I haven’t gained any weight though my clothes fit a little different. Everything still zips and buttons but I still have this nice occasional protrusion of baby bloat. Sucking it in as long as possible to avoid the dreaded elastic waistband that is maternity pants. Those bad boys are horrendous. Nothing cool and breezy about a thick layer of stretchy material over your stomach to remind you how uncomfortable being pregnant is.

Either I’m just getting old and out of shape or in the beginning stages of thinking I peaked at 24 but I’ve somehow managed to pull a muscle in my back either sleeping or picking up K (knowing me, it was sleeping) and it’s irksome to say the least. Perhaps this is a nice reminder that my first trimester is basically over and it’s time to go to the gym. After walking for several minutes at work last night pushing infants I was reminded of just how long it has been since I’ve been more physically active than perusing the racks at Nordstrom and Target with a more than occasional trip in the car to some random drive thru.

Speaking of poor eating habits, I had the blessing of confessing my less than stellar  diet to my OB today. I’m sure nothing says “I promise I’ve prayed for this child and sincerely want to give it the best environment possible to live in” like owning to my daily intake of pancakes, cereal, fruit, and other non fiber and protein filled foods. Loving my honesty, eh? I’ve had some serious conviction about what I’m putting in my body not just because of the bambino but also for my own health. My “I don’t feel like eating that” mentality has taken a backseat to a “I have to nourish this child starting, oh, 11 weeks ago”  and though I unapologetically finished off my smores cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory after three days I’ve ramped up my protein intake and am still sub par with veggies (salsa on eggs count, yes?)

I filmed K hearing the heartbeat video that I took at my appointment and she was less than amused. She has asked on several occasions if she has a baby in her tummy (answer:no) and is adamant that she’s going to be a big sister to a brother. For the sake of my body I selfishly hope she’s right so I can opt out of being pregnant again. Chris jokingly (I hope) tells me we’re having children until I give him a son (what is this, 1595?) Clearly he needs reminding that for the past several weeks he has been a single parent and basically a widow given my being cooped up in our room miserable.

Looking forward to October when we find out what the sex is so we can get on decorating. I’ve already begun looking at grey paint samples for the nursery and figuring out what furniture will go where. K will likely be less than thrilled that her playroom is being converted to a bedroom for her sibling and I am not about to throw all of her toys into the formal living room for her to demolish my living space. Looking for quality furniture with storage space to keep her small toys hidden has been a challenge so I anticipate that little piece of the nesting puzzle won’t take effect for awhile.

In the meantime we wait and pray for health and safety for the little guy(or gal) and myself as we transition into the second trimester.Looking forward to streamlining the blog post process to have a more structured format. This stream of consciousness can get a bit sketchy given my general inability to remember my child’s name some days and whether or not I’ve brushed my teeth. Just keeping it real yo, just keeping it real.


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