Weeks 9-10

Weeks of July 21, 2013 and July 28, 2013

After a late night phone call to Walgreens I have been cleared to stop taking those awful antibiotics. Que super vomit and some semi-restful sleep and today is a great day. I have the appetite of a teenage boy and literally cannot stop eating. I think my body has realized I’ve basically starved it for the past week or so and is kicking me back into high gear. Here’s praying this week looks nothing like the past few-especially the last one. I would never wish said sickness on my worst enemy or a Mizzou fan. There’s no telling if I would have survived without the help of my mom and Chris over the past few weeks. My walk with Christ has diminished drastically as I’ve filled my bed-ridden days with the “goodness” of US Weekly, TMZ, and some Pinterest. Talk about a great use of time, eh?

No idea if I’ve gained any weight. No idea if I have a bump or if it’s residual baby fat from K and Taco Bell. Likely a combination of antibiotic bloat, not sucking in hard enough, and the Taco Bell. Not looking too terribly shabby for 9 weeks. Can’t complain, really. All my clothes fit great and I fully intend to squeeze into them until the last possible moment because maternity clothes are generally ugly, over priced, and non trendy (says the girl with the Nike shorts and racer back tank top uniform.)

On the last day of one of the worst weeks, um, EVER, I’m having some (minor) relief. I will SO take it, though. It’s now after 6PM and I haven’t yet retreated to my room for the night. K is still very concerned asking me frequently “Mama, you don’t feel good” after seeing me spend half of my days in my room in the fetal position either crying or thinking about what food could possibly not make me want to vomit. Favorites this week are apple juice, red Gatorade, waffles, bananas, grapes, and the ever healthy, McDonald’s. Given my need to eat out frequently because nothing we have in our fridge (right now red beans and rice with sausage, taco meet, and hatch chile chicken)  would likely stay in my stomach long. I had this epic idea last night to make a roasted corn guacamole with shrimp tacos. I forced down the guac and tortilla with one shrimp and kicked myself for hours afterward. One of these days I’ll listen to my body and just not eat.

I told a girlfriend today that I should have been more clear about wanting another child, just not being pregnant. Ain’t nothing beautiful about being bloated, miserable, and generally incapable of cooking, parenting, or being a helpmate to my man. I’m SO thankful this is almost over and that the brunt of my nausea is at night. My sweet friends have been so supportive and my mom has made another offer to come help out. I’m ready to have a bump that stays around and doesn’t ebb and flow depending on if I have a day where I can eat like a normal person.

K has been telling us she wants a baby brother so we’re prayerful we can make that dream come  true. I’m pretty set on having no more children after this tumultuous ride (unless I get pregnant again then I’m so stoked for you, baby number three!). I am not doing this gracefully but, rather, with lots of tears, drama, and complaining. See also: the past six weeks of blog entries which are little more than snippets of emotion charged complaining. I cannot be held responsible for these posts once I’m in a non hormone driven state of mind.


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