Week 7

Week of July 7, 2013

Day 1-Not a good day. The post-K bump is still there and I’m fairly certain it’s all non-lost baby weight from her and not a fancy little poking out of this little bambino. Nothing says “good morning” like knowing for certain you’re going to throw up a whole lot of nothing if you don’t eat a granola bar right.stinkin.now. Que carb filled morning-Cap’N crunch, waffles (two to be exact, one was organic and blueberry so my guilt level goes down about three points,) and some greek yogurt with craisins and almonds. Literally surviving by eating every hour. Organic ginger ale is awful. It tastes like bitter pulp mixed with spinach and other types of unnecessary yuck-ness. This stuff should be pulled from shelves and not ever recommended to another pregnant woman. Now organic suckers-those delicious things are a blessing. Less sodium than my caperberries and olives, and a nice addition to my carb filled diet. I think I’m single handedly putting the Atkin’s diet out of business. Protein? No thank you very much. I distinctly remember a time last week when I wanted a goat cheese and pesto pizza with shrimp. Even typing it makes me want to cry. Sad, hormonal tears. The kind you’re embarrassed to have because even spilled milk is worth crying over and snapping at your husband for even THINKING about talking to you has become the norm, Poor guy. How dare he ask me if I want frozen yogurt. Does the think I’m on track to gain an unsightly amount of pregnancy weight? Where does he get off wanting me to sleep well or even not worry about cleaning? It’s not like I’m broken just…a little off my rocker some days. I can assure you the craziness and nausea are out of control compared to what I experienced with K–or I was so traumatized being pregnant for the first time that I’ve tucked those memories back with ever having to admit I lived in Missouri or that Elijah Johnson decided to botch the Sweet Sixteen this year. Trauma, I tell you.

Day 2-7 week sonogram. Baby looks great-measuring three days ahead and heartbeat is clear. Dr. Harris said my miscarriage chance given my history and the looks of the ultrasound are down from a normal 20% to 4%. Chris still holds to the notion that he’d like to wait awhile to go public with the info and I’ll continue to live in secret blog land and share with close family in friends our progress. Super thanks to all of you in the know for being mum about our news. I’m up 2 lbs from last visit but got to explain I had literally just eaten my weight in salad and lemonade so “technically” the scale is a liar and simply cannot be trusted. As little as I eat, even though it’s frequently, I simply can’t accept this so therefore the scale is to blame and I’ll continue to graze through the day for my own sanity.

Day 4- No thank you. Lots of tears and nausea today. Would prefer not to ever repeat this day. Chris may or may not have been on the receiving end of some childish door slamming. One of my less proud mommy moments and I’ve confessed to a gal in my community group that I can no longer blame my hormones. I just need to cut the sass. Thankful we’re still married 🙂 We told K she’s going to be a big sister today. She was thrilled until she heard a noise in the other room and bolted to investigate. Good to know we have the same attention span. Love that little girl.

Day 5- Epic day. Managed to do several loads of laundry and dishes and deep clean the bathroom which triggered a need to buy some organic cleaning materials because I may or may not have gotten a contact high. Chris made Tandoori chicken and Daal yesterday for dinner and as such I hid quarantined in our bedroom from the awful smell of cooking meat and curry. He is on kitchen lockdown for awhile until my nose can rid itself of the awful stench. This coming from the gal who loves nothing more than some good Indian food. Come on, child of mine, grow, grow, grow so I can once again enjoy food outside the realm of Multi Grain Cheerios, Great Grains cereal, popsicles, and lemonade. It is now common practice to wake up at 2 or 3 AM to pee and grab a handful of grapes. My Tums consumption is basically nonexistent as is my consistency in taking prenatals. Shame on me. At least I take my progesterone and aspirin. I can’t muster another pill at night. Gag reflex, yo.


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