Week 6

Week of June 30. 2013

I feel like crap. This nausea was not present with K and if it had been I can about assure you I’d never have signed up for bambino #2. The weight loss has been pleasant but the route to getting there has been less than ideal.

Cravings. Let me tell you about olives. And lemons. And water. And dry Cap’n Crunch. And salad. I detest the smell of cheese (most notably in the form of a Cheez-It,) cooking beef, or the thought of eating dessert of any kind. I’m scheduled to bake another round of cupcakes for a friend’s birthday party and I think I’ll begin praying now that I make it through that ordeal without vomiting in the frosting. How’s that for imagery?

It takes a long, hard conversation in my noggin to convince myself to take my prenatals, DHA, aspirin, and Prometrium every day. See image below. This has become my routine. Making my OB proud over here, yo. Nothin’ like simple carbs and sugar to end your night.

 We recently went back to Kansas for vacation and wouldn’t ya know my favorite beer, um, EVER was being served at our normal hang out spot. Sad day for Elizabeth. Happy day for baby Culbreth. I fully expect a case of Myrcenary waiting for me when I get home from the hospital. Ya know, to have sips of while my husband drinks it because I’m fairly certain I’ll be blessed enough to nurse #2 longer than the four months of half nursing/half supplementing diet K was on. Poor kid.

After turning down Myrcenary I made my way to Lawrence and equally turned down Ad Astra ale and all food Free State had to offer. Sad to go to my favorite KS restaurant and not be able to eat after thinking scarfing down some Cheddar Ale soup was smart. When will I learn?!

All food issues asside it was great to take Little Bit and K on an adventure around the KU campus. Can’t start filling their heads with a love for my beloved Jayhawks too early, even in utero!

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