4 Weeks

Week of June 16, 2013

So, I was blessed enough to find out at 3 weeks 3 days that I was pregnant-the Saturday before Father’s Day. Thanks to my fetus for helping me not feel bad for not buying Chris and actual gift. The gift of life is far better than the beer or whatever lame-o gift I planned to get. Anywho. Fast forward to Monday, the 17. Que initial Beta blood draw. Since I’ve had so many miscarriages I have standing orders to go in for blood work the day of my positive at home test. Sadly for me this fell on the weekend and such began my Prometrium (progesterone) waiting game to get into my OB’s office. Initial labs came back on the 18th with a baseline level of 164-perfect for this stage in the game. Now we wait for Thursday to be sure the levels are at least doubling every 48 hours. I have a sonogram scheduled for Thursday afternoon as well and a meeting with a potential OB that will hopefully be on board with my decision to have this child at a hospital sans epidural or the like. Operation Find A Doula or Birth Coach is underway. Hopefully I can find someone who can calmly but firmly remind me that I signed up for the natural childbirth gig between contractions that likely resemble that of what death may or may not feel like. Words of encouragement appreciated.

I feel pretty not awesome. Food and I used to be homies. Good homies at that. Now not even Asiago bread from Panera sounds good. Bring on the lemon water and chapstick because, y’all, my skin be all sorts of dry. No thank you. I do not recollect any of this from being pregnant with K. Likely because I was a sobbing wreck daily who made my husband with with me on the couch for no less than half an hour convincing me to take my prenatal vitamins. (My, my how far I’ve come! I’m a big girl who chokes those horse pills down bright and early on an empty stomach and then wonders why she doesn’t feel exceptionally fabulous.) At any rate, my weight is up 9lbs from being pregnant with K (imagine a number, I’m not in the mood to be that transparent) and I’m exponentially less concerned with what foods I eat. Bring on the bleu cheese, caffeine, and sushi! Kidding. Well, kind of. I had a few bits of bleu cheese on a salad today and part of a latte. I’ll leave the raw fish for post-baby date nights. I’m very much on a “whole” foods kick. Come on, organic! Maybe it’s because I now feel entitled to spend the extra moolah on food that’s actually good for me and use my embryo as an excuse. Eh, whatever works to get some fruit juice filled suckers and chips made from chickpeas into my pantry.

My betas continued to more than double after 48 hours-the 2nd draw put me at 385. No alarming increase to indicate a multiple birth which was encouraging. We met with our new OB and love the guy. He loves Jesus most importantly and is taking my fertility history seriously despite my age and weight. Thankful for this guy-looking forward to going through this process with him.


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