Elizabeth Catches A Fish…and Other Things That Don’t Make Sense

Biannual Houston Trip Number One for 2013 has happened. And it was…something… Deep, meaningful conversations with my super hot man happened, play dates with favorites happened, a date occurred, cousins played, one cousin is still in the hospital, a family began to grieve and lean on the Lord, bunk beds were slept on, and I caught a beautiful, ginormous fish.  Shall we begin with the photo evidence? Why yes we shall…

K and I got our morning started off on the right foot at Minuti. My bridesmaids and I frequented this place before my wedding, it’s the first stop when we get in town and the last before we leave, and a genuine staple to having a fabulous vacation. This place, I decided, is the only place I’d ever have a coffee date with Jesus. I don’t say that flippantly-their espresso is really that good. I sincerely hope when I’m in Heaven I get a delicious calorie-free latte in the sun with my Savior. I don’t think calories and carb grams count with the Lord. Maybe I’m wrong but since I’m still this side of Heaven I’ll just have to use my ever-active imagination 🙂 After loading my frequent buyer card with $20, earning a free quad shot Shakerato, and spending the rest on the duration of our vacation we headed off for some free family fun.

Thursday morning I met Chris’ cousin at a local church for an open gym with our toddlers.  The layout was awesome and we’ll definitely be back. Nothing like sound proof windows to keep out the screams of K as she throws herself around padded gym equipment. 
Thursday night I slept in a “cabin.” The above is said “cabin.” Note-it is not a cabin. It is filled with things like bunk beds that foster family bonding in the most intimate of settings. See below:

A bus turned sleeping space with added trailer cut in half served it’s purpose. I have to say, the thing was pretty legit with a full kitchen and bathroom-all built several decades ago. I’ll happily be taking my sweeties back for more fishing trips and pray we remember enough mosquito repellent to kill off those bad boys. Lesson of the day: I’d be a terrible Boy Scout. 

After a relatively sleepless night due to a huge eczema flare up for poor K we fueled our bodies with lots of complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and fiber in the form of cheap gas station cappuccino and jalapeno and sausage kolaches. I can still feel my arteries clogging. You’re welcome, arteries. 

I had a terrible experience the first time I went deep sea fishing-dry heaving off the side of a boat, making Chris’ family drive me in the boat miles back to shore so I could spend the rest of my day wondering if that’s what death feels like. I swore up and down that I would never, ever, ever (please don’t start singing Taylor Swift) go fishing again. And then there I was. On a boat. In Matagorda Bay. Eating my words. We had perfect weather and I proudly rocked my very fashion forward hat and tank top because I knew I wouldn’t catch anything and I wasn’t wasting my time in the sun by not getting a tan. If I was going to feel sick I was going to at least look good doing it.

We finally found a spot where small fish were biting and wouldn’t ya know some fish decided to take my bait. Filled with frustration and determination and a little embarassment at being shown up by some jerk fish I vowed to the boat that I’d catch it. And catch it I did. I’m fairly certain I was a huge nuisance to the rest of my family by rubbing in my awesome catch but I still stand by my awesomeness in catching Mr. Snarky Fish. He’s not so snarky sitting frozen in my freezer and I assure you I’ll enjoy eating him in the form of fish tacos. 

Chris and I took advantage of some free childcare thanks to Grandma and Grandpa and whisked ourselves off to The Flying Saucer for some craft beer tasting and a cheese tray. There’s nothing like a good Belgian beer and fine cheese coupled with one hot guy that just happens to be my husband. 
Saturday we went to visit my beautiful sister in law and her son Jaxon who was born just weeks ago. Within hours of visiting and getting my snuggles in we were en route back to Houston rushing Jaxon to the hospital. He has since been diagnosed with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia He’s expected to be out of the NICU soon. Information on how to make donations to help offset their medical costs will be available later.
While in the hospital I was blessed for some quality time with Jaxon’s big sister and Kerrigan’s favorite cousin, Lilly. The girls are the best of friends…until they’re not. Gotta love that sin nature rearing it’s head early on 🙂

 The weekend was an emotional roller coaster and I am so blessed to have had such a wonderful vacation with my even more wonderful family. God’s blessings continue to abound on us and I sincerely hope I’m stewarding them well. I may even share my fish just to ensure I’m not battling selfishness…


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