Sweet, Sweet Season

 I’ve had every intention of making a full post dedicated to the happenings around our home, namely the gargantuan and never ending project of a pretty intense home remodel.

Ariel’s Grotto turned to a fabulous red

The dog-dander filled carpet was replaced with hand scraped laminate (that matches our awesome table) and new, extra cushy and dander-free carpet. Over the coming weeks we’ll finish panting all the walls now that the texturing from our living room is knocked down and I will happily share the goodness that is basically a new house with y’all. Nothing like fixing up your house on the cheap and having it look oh, so cozy after the fact. I anticipate many a dinner party in some of your very near future. Start saving the calories now, sweet friends.

 A date night or three happened. We’re on a roll of dating each other again and it’s pretty awesome to not only love but genuinely LIKE your husband. I figure if I have to live with the guy for the next several decades we should probably enjoy one another’s company over a good beer and some delicious eats.

 And Christ-centered homeschooling began.This has been a challenge of sorts. I didn’t anticipate how much printer ink I’d go through and how many different ways my toddler can try to manipulate structured learning into arts and crafts time. Silly girl.

 I’m pretty sure God is extending extra blessings on our family right now. The season we’re in is so very sweet. While babysitting for a girlfriend  yesterday I was reminded at just how blessed I am to have turned out how I did. I sincerely see God’s hand in all the terrible and sometimes unsafe situations I allowed myself to be in through college. My nieve nature, trusting heart, and materialism put me in a corner that by all logic should have made me a statistic. Knowing my decision making skills were (and continue to be) less than ideal I count it all joy to look back on the lessons I’m able to instill in K. If she’s anything like her mother, however, she’ll probably have to fall on her butt a few times before she gets it but I fully intend to lift her up in prayer, love her well, and trust she’s truly God’s child and not mine.

The blessings have overflown from generous family and friends, loving and supportive community, and  a loving and refreshing “Spring season” of marriage. Our  “Four Seasons of Marriage” quiz indicates”…Based on your score- your interpretation of your marriage indicates your marriage is predominantly in Spring…the emotions of Spring are: excitement, joy and hope…This is a season that is very satisfying…” (quiz found here)

I feel like Paul-having the desire to tell everyone about just how awesome my God is..and how He’s such an awesome God that I don’t have to share Him-He’s free and waiting for everyone to experience the pure joy and peace that is truly filling the Culbreth home as of late. 

K is reminding me ever so subtly that she needs a nap (in the form of crankiness, general defiance, and overall teenage-girl attitude) Lord help my joy flow to disciplining my child and instilling a desire of obedience within her. I’m a pretty awesome mom. Maybe she’ll figure that out when I let her and her doll both lay down with fancy purses and some sunglasses…


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