Mother’s Day

So we went on ahead and outdid ourselves this year. From artichokes and crab cakes for an appetizer to grilled corn, portobello mushrooms with white truffle balsamic vinegar, lime grilled chicken and habanero stuffed burgers we sure spared no calories 🙂

I’m going to have to ask my handsome man for the lime merinade, though I know it included lots of key limes, some canola oil, thyme and S&P. K wasn’t much for the lime flavor which was more than OK by me. 
For the mushrooms we just drizzled a bit of EVOO, S&P and called it good. Once they were tender on the grill 

For the burgers we cut up some various cheeses(see below a mix of bleu, habanero jalapeno, habanero, and balsamic Gouda)and layered two halves of the meat to seal the cheese inside.

The food in all it’s grilled perfection is below…and you can see the melty cheese. Hello, yum! K was all about her stuffed burger, boycotting most of her corn and the bun in favor of the meat patty. Such a Paleo little girl.
Portobello time!! This Balsamic is so win. So very full of win. They had an aweseome Fig balsamic option at Whole Foods as well but I’m beyond thankful we went with the truffle. Truffle+mushroom=happy mouth. There’s some simple girl math for you, Elizabeth style.
I sincerely hope you drive to Whole Foods right now, grab some fun cheeses and a random flavored Balsamic vinegar and have at it. Though our meal was rather time consuming as it had a million and seven components, it made enough to last us for a day or so of leftovers. Take that, brunch at Babe’s, Kuby’s or some other equally awesome lunch dining establishment.

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