So…this is my house. (Well, this WAS my house a week ago).My humble abode had the acoustics of a loft and the comfort of a seat in Mizzou Arena. I got smart and woke up early on Monday and chiseled away at the grout on the floor in our entry to level it out and then decided it was even more awesome to cut caulking off the baseboards for a few hours. I put in my manual labor for the week and will be rewarding myself with a latte in a few hours. My hands are throbbing and I’ve burned more calories than a session at the gym so take that, love handles!

Poor K’s allergies to dogs have caused her eczema to be overwhelming on her feet as the previous owners had a large dog that they basically let rule the roost and destroy their living area.

Below are pics of the finished product. We still have to replace the carpet in the bedrooms but the rest of the home is basically complete. We’ll be painting over Ariel’s Grotto See Foam Green shortly and hopefully I can convince my super hot husband to get different base boards, too.

Go ahead, tell me it’s awesome. I can’t wait to put a rug under our formal dining room table since the floor blends in with it. And maybe some curtains. And a piece of art. And a funky chair.

I did this crazy thing last Friday-I renewed my gym membership. Let’s have a collective “gasp!” shall we? I say this for two reasons 1. because I thrived on a 1200-1300 calorie/day diet through college with 300 calorie snacks precisely every three hours complete with an Excel document showing me my exact carb and protein intake (thanks, husband) and did two a days in the gym on my non-class days. Me, fall off the bandwagon? Never! and 2. I have grown exceedingly content with my size 6, 8, or 11 pants (depending on the store or junior’s department) and find some comfort in that. Alas, my decision to renew comes from some recent labs showing less than ideal HDL cholesterol and my own knowledge that being healthy and increased cardiovascular health will really help keep my likely predisposition to breast cancer away. So here we are and my legs now hurt, HIIT training is my new friend, and I hate squats. I plan to convince my man I need yet another pair of tennis shoes (full disclosure, I have 8) should I drop down to pre-K weight…or at least go 3x/week this month. You know, have a valid reason for new shoes. I could throw in the fact that my feet grew post-pregnancy and they don’t really fit like I’d like them to but basically that’s a lie and lying is a sin so never mind, that logic is whack.

Chris taught me how to start a fire in the grill this week. I’m proud to say no eyebrows were singed and my kabobs were pretty epic. Ok, they weren’t EPIC but they were at least good. I think I’ll leave the BBQ to Chris and take up my place in the kitchen muttering about why I have to do the dishes and things of the like.

This has been a crazy, crazy week and I’m looking forward to some serious down time, some serious HIIT training and weight lifting, and finally being able to cook at home again. What a glorious weekend on our fancy new floors it shall be!


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