The Coffee Nook

If I took a picture of the pile of laundry in my room and showed you my Community Group would likely stage an intervention. This line of thought leads me to think that this may actually bring some help in the “putting away” process of finishing my laundry so, alas, here’s the image (CG, feel free to head this way):

Actually, it’s not that bad. Perhaps it’s because I’ve stepped away long enough to sit down and write this. The truth of the matter is it’s going to be there when I get done, and it’s going to become just as large by the end of the week. No matter how great my intentions are for the clothes to just get washed, folded, and put away within the same day it never happens.

I took time between play group, dropping off a meal to a friend, doing dishes, and working up a serious sweat cleaning to move furniture and make myself a coffee nook. I have more cups, saucers, syrups, types of tea, espresso, and latte-making things than I can keep track of. The amount of space it takes up in our cabinets is overwhelming so I decided it was worth my time and the effort to consolidate it to one central location next to our kitchen table. Hopefully many memories with friends, family, and God will be made in this very area. I hope you’re inspired to make a space all your own, even if it’s just a 4’x2′ table ūüôā

¬†My sweet, sweet grandma and I used to drink tea or coffee together most every time we¬†visited¬†one another. ¬†She preferred light weight mugs and introduced me to the “right” way to have a tea party. I so wish she was here to pass the memories along to K.

Then, the Stroopwafels. I’ve asked for a Pizzelle maker for Mother’s Day (as well as this and this) and am hopeful I don’t have to make trips to World Market to stock up any longer. I think my waist line will be the only thing complaining about the homemade cookies.

 My Minuti espresso beans are in the largest canister and my intentions to share them are minimal.
I’m sad I didn’t get a close up of my Aeroccino¬†Chris bought me a few years ago but it’s basically my best friend in the morning. It froths milk for hot and iced latte’s in a snap. So worth the investment.

There’s a Saxby’s coffee just up the road that sells their syrups for a not exactly cheap price, but they come with a pump and are significantly better tasting¬†than the Starbucks brand or others you can find at, say, Target or Kroger.

I’d like a bigger area to include some comfy chairs and fully intend to make that on my must-have list in our next house. Some people need a library, others an office..just give me a chaise lounge and a white chocolate coconut latte or dirty chai tea and I’m ¬†basically worthless to you for the remainder of the day.


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