Chris’ Birthday Weekend

To say we ate well this weekend would be an understatement. My fantastic in law’s were in town to celebrate my man’s big 2-9 and we ate continuously, per the usual.

It all started bright and early Saturday morning with the always reliable Kuby’s breakfast. See below. 

A few hours later we found ourselves walking into Whole Foods stuffed, and out with even more food to prep for dinner. Chris is setting up to nosh on some uber delicious steak and they seriously did not disappoint

Pair the steaks with grilled corn and spicy chili lime sauce, loaded baked potatoes, broccoli, and grilled brie and we had a table fit for a king…or a birthday man.
My mother in law introduced me to Verdi wine and since strawberries were on sale we filled up our glasses once…or twice..
Chris is not a “cake” kind of guy but of course, I completely let this slip my mind when I made up a butter pecan cake and topped it with a cream cheese, peanut butter, whipped cream topping and Reeces Pieces on top. I thought it was yummy. Chris preferred his cherry cream cheese pie. Can’t say I blame him 🙂
Just when I thought my clothes wouldn’t fit (or that someone shrunk them in the dryer) Sunday rolled around. My sweet, and sickeningly beautiful, friend Katie had her sweet, and also equally beautiful, little girl a few weeks ago and I was up for a meal delivery. Never one to do something “simple” I set out to make a spaghetti squash “pasta” dish. Of course Kroger was out and with some quick thinking I mixed a batch of chicken with assorted veggies and an herbed tomato sauce and stuffed an acorn squash with the mixture. I’m kicking myself for not taking a picture of it, or of the potato/onion/asparagus gratin I made for the side. Meh. 
And then the below picture happened.

An adaptation of this artery clogging, taste bud tingling recipe came to life. I have been chomping at the bit for months for an excuse to make this and FINALLY the perfect occasion arose. Brownies. Samoa’s. Toasted coconut whipped cream. Salted caramel sauce. GET IN MY MOUTH. I’ve had two servings in less than 24 hours. Shame, shame on me.

And this, my friends, is exactly why I’m going to the gym. Tomorrow. Wednesday. 


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