So much catching up to do

If you’ve been in the loop lately consider yourself blessed. The sheer amount of busy, crazy, emotions, and nonsense is overwhelming. I think roughly 28 times a day that I need to fill in the gaps for y’all but then another life or death (or so it seems) crisis arises and alas, I’m another day behind.

Chris bought us tickets to the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 because Kansas is the place basketball was perfected, my Alma Mater, and they were the #1 seed in their region. Wouldn’t ya know they lost to Michigan after a 14 point lead in the last minute of the game. It was a sad, sad, sad night. I still get angry as I type this recounting all the horror that was the rude, very sassy Mizzou fan behind us. She should have followed in her team’s footsteps and stayed home. Meh.

Our anniversary was awesome and thankfully the smoker I bought Chris for his gift is significantly more awesome than the trip to  Arlington to watch KU botch a 3 point shot for no reason. I can’t belive four years have gone by since we started dating…and got engaged…and got married. We sure took the whole “when you know, you know” thing to an entirely different level. My poor parents. K isn’t allowed to get engaged to a boy after a month. Or get married four months after that. (I shouldn’t have said that. Now she’s going to elope. Great.)

The most pressing issue to bring to light as we’ve forgotten to tell more than one person the news is that I am indeed not pregnant. Shocker. Or so you may think.

A few weeks ago I got not one but two fancy pants positive pregnancy tests. SUCH.A.BLESSING. We were over the moon, stoked to have a baby NOT born  during the holiday season, and just praising God like crazy. So began my nightly Preometrium and calls to family and friends to ask for prayers for our child. I’m of the opinion that life begins at conception and don’t follow the “wait 12 weeks to be safe” rule. If I miscarry, I miscarry. I’d rather not grieve alone. Anywho, my blood draws began a few days later with a Beta test that measures HCG(pregnancy hormone) and an ultrasound to be sure all was well . The ultrasound was “consistent with a 5 week pregnancy” with a corpus luteal cyst on the left side and a cyst that had thankfully disappeared off the right as well as a thickened endometrial lining. HELLOOOOOOOO PRAISE! The ultrasound tech said the lining could shed but for all intents and purposes we could start painting our room grey and blue for the boy we were sure to be having. I called Chris and our excitement continued. Until Tuesday.  My labs came back back at a 0. I was confused, dumbfounded, and blowing up the phone of my friends in the medical field (so many thanks to Kimie and Tab.) Of course we all KNEW it was a fluke, after all I was late, I had two tests to go off of, and I didn’t feel so hot.  The lab had to be wrong, they used someone else’s blood, and the ignorant lab tech had to have graduated from Mizzou.
 That’s not nice. I’m sorry. We repeated the labs two days later to find another 0 on the Beta lab. Of course we were crushed but were thankful my OB took the opportunity to check my hormones and my thyroid to make sure all was well and right with my baby making organs. Lo and behold those labs were perfect and it seems First Response owes me $14 for their botched box of tests and $2,084 for pain and suffering (also known as shattered dreams.)

My prayer for the few days I was “pregnant” was that I would hold the child loosely. I’m so excited that I was never pregnant to miscarry. It settled my nerves so much and I’m so encouraged to have the news that all is well and right in the world of “Elizabeth’s ability to have another munchkin.”

We’ve had family visit, we’ve visited family, and cooked many a wonderful meal-none of which I’ve blogged about or posted pictures of because I’ve been too swamped. My apologies. In my defense our meals have been uber quick and easy and would likely make many of y’all happy to know sometimes I don’t sweat away in the kitchen all afternoon several days a week just to edit pictures do display the awesomeness that is our foodage. Between working more days than not each week and missing out on playgroup with my most favorite favorites I’m thankful April is here. Stoked for breaking out a new box of contacts (it’s the little things,) rainy days, cooking for many of our friends, and seeing sweet Katie’s new Vivi.

Earlier in the week I was blessed to meet one of my favorite bloggers I follow, Sheaffer. Her blog, Pinterest Told Me To, cracks me up, inspires me, and is generally a breath of blogging fresh air. Scope her out for hot fashion tips, laughs that make your sides hurt, and some honest opinions on reality TV.

My Saturday will be spent here likely giving my very hot husband all my beer tokens because I can assure you if I were to drink 24 oz of beer I would stumble about like Kansas seemed to do in the Sweet 16.


One thought on “So much catching up to do

  1. I'm looking through your posts trying to find a recipe and found this one & wanted to say, Sheaffer is Jack's speech therapist at school and we love her & blog too :). Hope all is going well with the baby.

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