Shame, shame on my friends

Consider this public shaming, friends, for not telling me about the wonder that is World Market. It was a sad, sad day when I spent much of my afternoon yesterday spending too much money and time in this beloved store. How come I have not been dragged there by my heels and told “Go play, Elizabeth. Shop at your heart’s desire.” You’ve shown me the goodness of Central Market, the zoo, and various other local awesomeness but this, y’all is an uber fail. Luckily grace abounds for you and I just HAVE to share the stuff I snatched up. I fully intend to talk with Chris about creating a new line item in our budget specifically for this store. I mean, any place that has Stroopwafels and Kona coffee just SCREAMS Elizabeth. Prepare for me to talk about this on all our meeting for the next month and remind you of the things I could have made or bought for you over the past two years. Moving on…

We’re on this kick of revamping the decor in our home and scooped up these fancy canisters and coffee mugs. My wonderful mama bought us a new dish set for Christmas and while the mugs matched perfectly and I had about 20 to start with the store was able to take them back since we haven’t used them, give me a credit for the mugs, and I in turn bought the matching bowls for a whopping $8. Score! We now have cleared significant counter and cabinet space and have replaced to spot with some trendy mugs and our table with a complete dinnerware set. If I cared more or lacked the handwriting of a third grader my chalk writing would have been more fun. My logic is at least it’s legible and if not then you can just open the lid and figure out what’s in there. 

 I had a hay day with the Hawai’i stuff. The fond memories of our honeymoon flooded us and I wanted to scoop K up and head to the airport for a week of surfing and poolside popsicles. Since our anniversary is just weeks away I think we could justify the expedition. I brewed some this morning and it was oh, so delicious. I’ve gotten accustomed to my latte in the morning and scooped up a new flavor of syrup and two packages of stroopwafels (caramel and honey). Many years ago my mom made me a tea basket of random teas, stroopwafels, biscotti, and other goodness. Since then my addiction to the filled wafers that get gooey when warmed has been unquenchable.

I saved the best for last. This mug makes my heart sing, my hair grow a little fuller, and my love handles shrink. It’s the ugliest darn thing I’ve ever seen and for that I wanted to call it mine. I fully intend to carry it most everywhere. I just can’t help but giggle a bit each time I look at that silly thing. From the front it reminds me of Olmec from The Legends of the Hidden Temple( Oh 1990’s how I miss thee.)

Friends, you’re forgiven for forgetting to tell me about World Market and I expect you to compliment this dear mug each time you see it. I probably won’t share my stroopwafels with you but I will encourage you to spend the $4 to get your own. Your life may just never be the same and I may very well have to buy my own Pizelle maker and whip up a batch just because I’m awesome like that.


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