Eggs Benedict

 If we’ve spent pretty much any amount of time together you’d know that Eggs Benedict are hands down my favorite breakfast dish. With avocado. And extra hollandaise. And a mimosa.

I live for my Saturday morning breakfast time. I had full intentions last week of making this but we hadn’t made our stop to our favorite meat market to get the best bacon ever so I opted out. This afternoon we’re making a stop to stock up so it’s pretty safe to say those yummies will be both in my belly and all up in my love handles this time next week.

I reactivated my gym membership after an embarrassing chat with my doctor. He complimented my work out pants and running shoes while I hung my head and admitted it was all an illusion to make him think I do any exercise whatsoever. I finally realized if I want to be around long enough to see my kids graduate from KU I needed to get back in shape. I’ve been twice this week, significantly cut back on sweets (after finishing my pint of Cookies and Cream Blue Bell, giving away cake balls, and trying SO DARN HARD not to make the most decadent dessert I’ve been blessed to see in a very long time.) Heck, we even had the Samoa cookies from the sweet Girl Scouts in our pantry. But now they’re gone. And it’s mostly my fault.

 My name is Elizabeth and I am a sugar addict.

Moving on to breakfast: Hollandaise sauce is like glorious calorie goodness on crack. I don’t use near the amount of butter called for in the recipe and I add water to thin it out.

I opted for half the carbs this morning and only ate half of my portion though I did cook up the three egg whites that I separated from the yolks I used for the sauce

After frying sausage patties that K devoured alongside a biscuit with honey I assembled my magic with some healthy goodies: spinach, tomato, and red onion. Note the 3 T of butter. That’s 300 calories of fat that went in the sauce. The recipe above calls for half a stick. My version is even more tasty, if you ask me, and even healthier. I add a bit more Cayenne and salt and more lemon than it calls for but I’m a stickler on things with lemon tasting like lemon. 
And this is how I started my morning. I brewed some chai concentrate only to realize K had finished off our milk so after a 7AM Wal Mart (UGH!) run for vanilla almond milk my day was on the right track. My arms and legs are screaming “Start being stationary again, woman!” but seeing that I’ve lost 2 lbs this week alone (which was probably just by my weighing a different time in the day) has made the fact that my box of brownies remain unbaked in the pantry and my homemade toffee sits sadly in the freezer beckoning me every time I open it. I took the wise words from my best friend to heart: “Elizabeth, look at how many calories you burn at the gym then go to the pantry and see how many calories that brownie has. Then decide if it’s worth it.” I’m sorry but 1/20 of a box of brownies has 180 calories and that’s without my toasted coconut, cookies, toffee, and whipped cream that NEED to go on top. No, six hours on the treadmill looking like a buffoon is not worth it. So sadly, I wait. And look at the below picture and am suddenly reminded that life is good, God loves me, and good food can come with small calorie counts.


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