Spring Rolls

 So these were pretty tasty. I didn’t use any seafood, sadly, and that was a terribly missing factor. I also cheated and bought my peanut sauce from the Asian aisle at Kroger. With some cayanne and other spices I think I can fix it to be a more snobby sauce and given the fact that spring rolls are basically salad without dressing rolled into a cellophane-ish wrapper, the sauce is a must have.

I stuffed them with cabbage, avocado, cilantro, carrot, green onion, and cucumber. Before stuffing the wraps that are basically Saran wrap on crack I drizzled sesame oil, lime juice and some S&P over top. Next time I’ll add crab or shrimp and more avocado. I’ve had a craving for them since last weekend’s Whole Foods date night and I have to admit they were pretty spot on in comparison to theirs-and half the price. Who doesn’t love saving money? I should use that logic and the calories I saved eating this for dinner  to justify making this stack of artery clogging goodness.


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