Meals for 2/16-2/22

This week will be full of recipes that we greatly alter. We’ve made the stuffed chicken before and always deviate from what the original calls for. Tackling Bierocks for the first time should be interesting…and making spring rolls for the second time was seemingly much harder. I think it’s because I have a child. And I was hungry. Either way, happy eating!

Dinner-Burgers and asparagus- I’ll be having mine with blue cheese and lots of grossed out looks from my man.

Dinner-Burgers and asparagus

Lunch-Bierocks or burgers-depending on how much is left
Dinner-Cajun Chicken Pasta(we never ended up making it last week)

Lunch-Cajun Chickn Pasta
Dinner-Cajun chicken pasta

Lunch-Cajun chicken pasta
Dinner-Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken and Brussels sprouts

Lunch-Stuffed chicken
Dinner-Stuffed Chicken


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