We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day today, but I will celebrate the Lord.

Today is one of those “I’m gonna need an unhumanly amount of caffeine to make it to lunch. To make it through cooking dinner and putting K to bed will take some divine intervention.” Thankfully I just brewed a mass quantity of espresso and I have a God who loves me so I’m pretty set.

K is in the midst of a sinus infection that now has her coughing like crazy all night. I snuggled with her at 3 this morning and have been up ever since. Between bribes of suckers, prizes, Bubble Guppies, and kisses from daddy I finally forced her to take Benadryl and soundly she now sleeps on the couch. I’m not real down with being up for three hours already and it’s not even seven.

Her hacking allowed me to watch last night’s episode of American Idol (Ugh! Such a waste of my time,) and Nashville (Ah! My time spent in front of the TV at 5 AM was now well spent.) The crazy in our house has died down some though I’m still very busy with playgroups, work, Bible Study, and attempting to clean my house. I’ll be taking time this weekend to create a weekly schedule for cleaning, structured learning time for K, and general home orderliness. We’ll see how that goes.

I’d get all mushy about my man today but in the interest of saving him public embarrassment I’ll refrain. I won’t be getting flowers this afternoon nor will I be making any trips to the store to get Chris beer or other man-friendly V-Day gifts. No, no. We’ll spend our evening at home doing a whole lot of not contributing to our economy. Frankly, the amount of money that could be spent on a dozen roses on likely the most expensive flower buying day of the year would be much more appreciated on a pair of these, this, or even better, this beauty. Oh, and this. Stupid Diane von Furstenberg making wonderfulness for Spring but forgetting I need a Maid of Honor dress in yellow. Your Summer/Fall line better hook me up or else….or else I’ll buy from another designer. That’s a serious threat, yo.

Not only has this week been crazy for our nuclear family  but it has been devastating for a dear friend of mine, too. Her 9 week old daughter has just been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of leukemia and prayers are abounding. Though she must go through several rounds of chemo that little sweetie has a mama that loves her dearly and a God that somehow loves her even more. Getting caught up in the crazy of today, the materialism that I’ve posted above, and the mundane day to day really is a slap in the face when astounding perspective hits hard and you feel like an idiot for caring that your kid had a mild fever.

 There’s something so humbling and overwhelming about having people in my life who have suffered unimaginable tragedy over the past two months yet have done nothing but lean to the Lord for their comfort. This post is not about how awful things happen to me or to people around me. My desire to love well and encourage Biblically those in the midst of trial is at the forefront of today.

Striving to be like Christ is a journey I’m prepared for. I’m so thankful to be loved by the Creator and by a man who loves the Lord more than me. I’m thankful for healing, medical wisdom, and persevering friends. Today I’ll celebrate the God above that hates sickness and loves the sinner. Today I’ll celebrate the love God has blessed me with and the friends who encourage me toward sanctification.


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