Meals: 2/9-2/15

I’m taking a break from giving K doses of Tylenol and Advil to keep her fever down and watching this fantastic horrible KU vs. OU game. I mean..come.on. Anywho, personal rant over; on to this week’s meals. We planned to go out for family date night (thanks for the suggestions y’all) but K’s fever returned with a vengeance so in we stay. We opted for goodies from Whole Foods and a movie night instead. Chris is out picking up stuff (I mentioned lemon, goat cheese, herbs, anything light) so there’s no telling what he’ll come back with…

Lunch-leftover beef and grits
Dinner-Brisket tacos(we’ll likely doctor this to taste but that blog is full of win.)

Lunch-leftover brisket tacos
Dinner-Chicken gyros(we use this as a rough guideline)

Lunch-leftover gyros
Dinner-Mexican cornbread casserole (not sure on the recipe yet as this was Chris’ choice. I’ll post the link and our substitutions later in the week.)

Lunch-leftover chicken gyros
Dinner-leftover Mexican cornbread casserole

Lunch-leftover Mexican cornbread casserole
Dinner-Cajun chicken pasta

Lunch and Dinner(UGH!!!)-leftover Cajun chicken pasta

If you couldn’t tell we cook in bulk and eat the same thing for days on end. Usually we split it up by having a Chick-Fil-A lunch date with our playgroup or Chris may go out over lunch but since our grocery budget far exceeds our going out to eat we splurge on things that are a little more pricey at Kroger and Whole Foods. Looking forward to some good eats this week and remain prayerful that K’s illness will subside quickly so she an enjoy with us


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