IWW-Day 3…kind of

This week has been busier than most were during the holiday’s hence the lack of IWW updates and now that K is now sick this “week” will likely turn into close to two. It’s so sad to see your little sweetie have zero appetite, minimal energy, a cranky demeanor and fall asleep out of nowhere at 7PM. She now has the privilege of snuggling with her mama and daddy tonight.

Between working twice a day, praying for sweet friends and their sweet, sweet baby, play dates, cooking awesome food and attempting to keep up the laundry my energy has been zapped. Sleepless nights and full throttle days have made up this week and I’m sincerely sad to say my intentions as a wife fell by the wayside. My priority this week was certainly not my marriage and I’m prayerful life will slow down from here on out for me to not want to pull my hair out strand by strand if I have one more place to drive.

In a Proverbs 31 related attribute I exercised  Verse 20: “She opens her arms to the poor
and extends her hands to the needy.” I did a lot of trying to serve others, though sometimes that required me to need one of our favorite mama’s to watch K while I tended to my “extending (of) hands.” Surely my serving others helps shape my husband’s opinion of me. Who doesn’t want a wife with a servant’s heart? Probably someone whose heart is everywhere but at home. I promise this is not normal for me. The “serving others” part of me has always been there but I like to think it coincides well with balancing family time.

I do a relatively poor job of saying “no” to people. Unless they ask me if I like beets, raw salmon, animals, movies, fishing, or baseball. There’s not too much I won’t do for someone. You forgot your wallet? Got ya covered. Mention you love cookies? I’ll bring ya some next time we get together. You need a sitter last minute? No problem. Given I’m the youngest of my core group of friends I’m often told how much more I’ll say “no” when I “get older.” I like being a “yes” person. Integrity and follow through are two aspects of my personality I hold close to my heart. In an effort to create a little more balance in my commitments I’ll be happily saying “no” to most requests from anyone besides my man and my princess this weekend. Maybe a few days off the radar will reignite my energy levels and encourage me to really follow through with my desire to be an intentional wife.


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