Makin’ progress.

HUGE, HUGE, HUGE, HUGE praise this morning. K went down without issue last night AAAAND slept until 7:15 without.waking.up. WHAT IS THIS?!  Oh, I know, it’s being well rested. Well, there’s a novel concept. K gave us one of the best gifts of all, an evening of uninterrupted sleep and as such we rewarded her with a prize. Chris read a wicked article talking about rewarding your child for expected behavior surrounding difficult topics. Last night as an encouragement for doing better the night before she got to play with play dough with mom for 10 minutes before bed. We reminded her that her most favorite person in the world, A, would be coming for dinner the following night and she needed to be a big girl and stay in her bed. I don’t know if it was the promise of a prize in the morning (a mini chocolate koala candy. Yes, we reward with food.) or if it was her being able to spend the evening with woman she’d much prefer to be her mom, but off to bed she went and off to bed she stayed. Praise the Lord (and I mean that with the enthusiasm of a stereotypical Southern Baptist church or one that borders being charismatic.)This weekend is sure to be fabulous. I’m attempting my own chai tea concentrate because after spending a whopping $4 on a pre-made one from Whole Foods I realized that not making my own was sheer stupidity mixed with general ignorance. I had failed. The recipe I intend to use is: Homemade Chai Tea Concentrate. I’ll post how it goes on my other blog. Of course we have the typical huge Saturday morning breakfast (that was awesomely preceded by Sleep In Saturday thanks to K) and an evening of entertaining dear friends who we love oh so much. Fajitas on the menu that are sure to impress as always. I love being awesome.

After a drawn out beneficial new leader training for our Community Group we decided to drink the American Kool Aid and have a Super Bowl party for 4 at our house. We’re pretty adventurous. I’m not real down with the Super Bowl ads I’ve seen. Not because I’m crazy jealous of Kate Upton’s body or Bar Refaeli overall but because I’m sad women objectify themselves for the sake of fame, money, or insecurity. Let me tell ya, if my body fat was 10% I’d be rocking some minimal clothing too, just not for you to see. Obviously my stance appears judgmental but the heart behind the comments is simply that I feel there are better ways to do what you love without causing others to stumble.

(This post is all over the place. So is my noggin. Roll with it.) I remember once a smart, smart man who led the Jr. High and High School ministry at our old church made a comment that has always stuck with me. We are brothers and sisters in Christ. We all struggle. We all have different struggles but for some, both men and women, that struggle is lust. Knowing full well that we’re not in the minds of those around us we’re never sure who we’re unconsciously tripping up. I think of so many stories near to me of men who are plagued with porn addiction, consumed with lust, and have a skewed relationship with sex. I think of the pictures of myself from 2005 and how the clothes I put on that I thought were cute and fashionable were little more than cotton to cover the bottom 1/2 of my breasts and shorts that covered the top 1/8 of my legs/ There’s no excuse for this, young Elizabeth. When I see pictures of myself in high school in a spaghetti strap tank and a denim skirt I cringe. “Where’s your SHIRT, Elizabeth???” I yell at my oh, so, naive self. My sense of worth was directly related to what boys thought of me and, though my milkshake did not bring all the boys to the yard, I didn’t do anything to be viewed as someone worth marrying but worth having fun with and moving on.

We are to be mindful of the way we present ourselves to those around us making sure we’re consciously applying Romans 14 : 12Yes, each of us will give a personal account to God. 13So let’s stop condemning each other. Decide instead to live in such a way that you will not cause another believer to stumble and fall. The context around this is simply to live in a way that’s intentional with others. If I drink alcohol (which I do) and those around me are battling alcohol abuse I’m called to not have a glass of wine with dinner or margarita with my chips and salsa because the message I’m sending is detrimental to their recovery or may even cause them to stumble their selves. Obviously there will be times I have a beer with my pizza unknowingly sending the wrong message to someone  around me but the point is that I’m trying to be intentional in my interactions with others.

My prayer for my little princess is that she finds her worth in what God thinks of her, and how much He loves her as opposed to the standard by which the world tells her she should be. It’s amazing what a night of sleep can do with the “deep thoughts by Elizabeth” part of my brain. I think I’m going to start this book at an early age in combination with the Bible to encourage K to not have to make progress in her view of self and definition of her worth. Oh, she’s so much more than a cute face and big blue eyes. She will always be more than a pretty face and charming personality. I dare any boy to convince her otherwise. I have no idea how to use a gun but my logic tells me that’s more reason for them to run for the hills. I’ve been known to not step down from a physical altercation in my past, and though that’s not the most becoming attribute I posses, maybe it has prepared me for a nice blowout with a boy who clearly has forgotten my daughter is more importantly the daughter of the King.

Any who, regardless of the fact that K is now sleeping soundly through the night free of separation anxiety (I’m putting it out there because I believe this is our new normal) and I’m equally free of the struggles of my past. Today is a day full of praise to God from the minute to the life changing. Blessed be His name.


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